Comment on “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm by Virgin Otaku:


I’m a virgin otaku and some of the comments made are broad generalizations.

I don’t mind non-virgin waifu, because deflowering is violent and bloody and I don’t want to do that to someone I love.

If only lady don’t insist on having grand church weddings in pure white dress then I have no problems with non-virgin wife. But if she wants De Beer’s diamond engagement ring mined from the dead corpses of Leonardo Dicaprio’s South African extras which means I am paying full price for my bride, she better have p**** reserved just for me. In summary, I will still ‘buy’ (i.e. marry). But gimme good discount, please. With worsening global economy, not everyone is getting richer.

But definitely no child from another man! No, no, no! That child was your choice and I will not support you. Women with kid in tow seeking never-married men seems to be a trend nowadays.

Also, most boys in my country get first experience from an older more experienced friend. I understand since I like onee-san big-sister characters best.

But I understand the trouble here because Nagi is not a big sister character… she is definitely a pure love character so that’s why it shatters expectations because all the stereotypes are not met exactly.

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  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    Huh? Yuzu-soft still working here.

  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    I make the following speculations: 1.) Rapelay was PURPOSEFULLY placed on Amazon (UK was it?), then an undercover agent from the Japanese pro-censorship party (or maybe a double agent from EOCS) dropped a line with Equality Now. 2.) The ‘foreign feminazis’ did their prescribed role precisely as they were expected to do. 3.) The main brunt of the pro-censorship party then felt the go-ahead to leak stories to the media, and start the rest of this bruhaha 4.) Japanese otaku and otaku companies …

  • Mega-Oppai Mizugi Bathing Gravure Video:
    It’s called all-natural, dude. I see how much workout it takes to get the perfect Playboy figure… it puts many athletes to shame. This is back to the forties and fifties, where a little flab is nice.

  • Basquash! Oppai Anime:
    This is stupid, basing the appeal of an entire series on the last episodes. Way to waste the 24 episodes worth of hardworking animators blood sweat and tears.

  • Talent Agent Arrested for Interview Drug Raep:
    Actually it also reflects badly on pinoy men who can’t even protect their women from getting f*cked by foreigners. It is a political drama to its core, the age-old colonizing powers continuing influence on former vassal states. The only solution would be tit for tat f*cking… f*ck their women back as payback.


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