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OK,although i remember it clearly ,still, i searched out my disk, fortunately with my savedata still alive, loaded into the game, and SCRUTINIZED(lol) the scene cg/pic again.
there was definitely NO blood. or is it that i’m not hardened enough to find it?lol

ok, this topic ends here.

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  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    !!! 囧….

  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    I think he’ll continue to emphasize the ex-bf thing but at the same time slightly hint the fact of Nagi actually being a tree/god and the intactness of the body gained from a newly made sculpture, which she is now using and thus made Nagi the Nagi we all are now familiar and MOEed with… otherwise, he will…… well,,,

  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    im not saying that all easterns share the same concept but you should admit that there are overwhelmingly more estern haters/otakus than western ones/otakus that raged, and i think that’s something you call culture.

  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    then why are the haters all(or at lest, most of them are) eastern? see, there is something cultural, which showed itself even among the otakus.

  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    Genshiken is so pure a H game that has almost nothing but H, so no surprise there,,, and there may be “second-hand” girls in some galgames in which you can “choose the route of theirs” to play but they are always alternatives which only adds fun to the game or panders to plyers with special tastes(no offensive intended) and are never main characters. you’ll know Saber is not a virgin, if you recall the lines she said before she did the blowjob for Shirou in the game.

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  • Bioware: “JRPGs are Stagnant”:
    actully you all guys are wrong cause in Artefact’s all-seeing eyes and his insightful point of view, it indeed is true that nothing really evolved no matter jrpg or wrpg, all you do is just watching the screen and push the buttons in your hands fucking hard . really stagnant ,lack of innovation anyone saying a word about wrpg more innovative than jrpg is just xxxx

  • Astounding Chinese Architecture:
    actually this is just ordinary anywhere in the 3rd world countries, but your wording did made me laugh out, lol

  • China Tries to Censor Foreign Countries:
    then that has nothing to do with arrogance or “greatest nation on earth” thought,etc, cause at the time this name is invented , 中华 IS at the centre of the country/continent/kown regions/etc,and actually it’s just a name to distinguish itself from the other regions(under the same sovereignty) outer the center ,,

  • China Tries to Censor Foreign Countries:
    yeah it grows more and more arrogant and crazy and nazism just whenever artefact utilizes his wonderful wording and whenever you faggot everything-is-right followers post a comment, without actually doing anything arrogant…

  • China Tries to Censor Foreign Countries:
    yeah that’s right but you’re still fail, cause the middle中 from CHINA/中国 you’re refering to is actually part of another word meaning china:中华.


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