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Major Arrested for Nude Pantsu Procurement


A major (36) in the Air Self-Defence Force has been arrested for nakedly buying pantsu and stockings in the middle of the night at a local convenience store, we hear.

The man, whose rank is given as major, gave his reason for his lewd acts as: “I thought it would be funny for a naked man to go in there in the middle of the night.”

He has been charged with acts of public indecency.

A lady soldier at the base to which he is attached answered questions thus:

“Around 0200, he was on his way back from a colleague’s farewell party, when he stopped at the conbini. He went behind the store, stripped off, and then apparently entered the shop bearing only his wallet, and wearing only his shoes.”

“In the store, he proceeded to purchase one item of ladies underwear, and one pair of stockings. He was subsequently reported and arrested.”

The base’s response?

“The next day, one of our men went to meet him.”

And after that?

“He went to the convenience store to apologise, along with a superior officer. It’s not clear if he went in uniform.”

Was this intended as some sort of prank with his colleague?

“We don’t know, but he was alone at the time. It doesn’t make up for what he did, but when he received a ten day disciplinary suspension, he said to have earnestly regretted his actions.”

Via ZakZak.

We might wonder at his real motivation for doing this…

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