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Hatsune Miyu’s Ero-Polkka – Cosplay AV Rendition


In this video you can see something of cosplay AV specialist TMA’s earlier efforts to reproduce Hatsune Miku in cosplay AV form; she re-enacts the now legendary Ievan Polkka Hachune Miku spawning MAD, complete with negi.

As you might recall from the cosplay Miku renditions we’ve seen, or even the American loli dance version (we even have a comment from the girl’s mother), Hatsune Miku is a difficult character to reproduce in 3D, and TMA have something of a reputation of late…

Player 1

They seem not to have been paying attention as to the proper colour of her pantsu


Player 2

At the end she asks whether she passes or not; I think we might do well to furnish her with an answer:

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You can also see TMA’s other efforts in digest form, in the Night of TMA MAD

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