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Minami-ke Third Season Air Dates Confirmed


The controversial second season of the marvellous Minami-ke looks to be getting its continuation in short order, for we hear that the third season’s  release will be in January 2009, airing in a late night slot (01:30 on a Monday morning in the case of Tokyo TV).

The production is being handled by the now notorious Asread, so fans are overwhelmingly scathing. However, animation is listed as being handled by the animators of the first season, 童夢 / Dome, which is as we discussed in the earlier article on the subject.

Thus it looks as if the series will attempt to incorporate the best of both worlds, although many fans insist there is nothing good in Okawari. In fact, a mere 2% of you thought Okawari was the better series…

The cast of the anime looks not to harbour any surprises, so at least in that department things should be untroubling.


It seems surprising that they would continue to drag out the unfortunate problems with the production of this fine title by not simply handing it back to Dome; perhaps this is what they have done, albeit by stealth, in handing off animation to them?

If so, they would have done better to emphasise the fact to counter the negative fans response…

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  • It’s not controversial, it’s just that the first season looked so much better and better presentation as a previous poster said, then when it was time for a second season they gave it to a different animation company and looked like crap compared to the first.

    • I’d say it’s not so much better (if I did say so before, it was in a fan-ish euphoria and doesn’t count) as much as the design.

      Okawari! is a lot more “anime-ish” than what Minami-ke was. A lot of the hair-colors are changed to more shiny, unusual hues (to the best of my memory) and steps were taken away from the rather peculiar drawings of mouths, etc…

      Was a long time since I last read it though. In my opinion, though, I agree with you. The second season was vastly inferior, look-wise, to the first. It just felt… synthetic.

  • Smiling Magician says:

    i personally liked okawari and i think, though the art style was more mainstream, the animation quality was ramped up with more frames per second and more animations in one shot, making for a more organic and energetic anime. the comedy is just as good and i think the emo kid was a nice little “what if” for chiaki, though he was slightly annoying.

  • Okawari suffered from many things, poor animation being one of them.

    Others are:

    Far too little Hosaka

    No leaf-mouths

    Emo neighbour-kid contributing absolutely nothing to the story (why was he even in there? Potential love-interest for Chiaki? Failure!)

    Far too little coverage of the second Minami family.

    Far too little of a lot really…

    …well, at least we still had Mako-chan and his lovable drag.

    So to actually come to the point of my comment, I’m glad that at least Dome is on the case. Hopefully we’ll see the return of the old style as well.