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Realistic & Sexy Yoko Figure


Yoko, of Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan, is certainly one of the more frequently sculpted anime characters of late, so it is a great relief to see a rendition of her which breaks away from the usual mould and offers a unique interpretation; in this case, one which intriguingly opts for a much more realistic look than is the norm.

Figure and garage kit merchants E2046 have been kind enough to share some nice photos on hearing of my interest, so let us examine her in more detail:




One element of the realism which really stands out is the care which has gone into sculpting the body.

Obviously, the first things which spring to notice are the various fleshy folds of skin, and especially the realistically styled breasts – rather than the usual physics defying balloon chest, here you get a sense of just how tight that bikini is, almost awkwardly so…

Another similarly nice touch is on the knees and knee socks. Personally, the face is a little too much in the realm of gravure for my tastes (especially with the pout), but I think this is just a matter of taste.


The figure itself is definitely in the high end, in terms of both quality and price; at 1/6 scale and 28.5cm in height, and with the quality so well evident, the $125 price is certainly understandable. At least no painting is required – that would be asking a bit much.

Yoko goes on sale December 1st, with preorders now open.

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