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Munto TV Anime Announced


Well received “save the magical kingdom” anime Munto, hitherto released by Kyoto Animation in OVA format, is due to get a TV adaptation.

The TV version will also be by Kyoto animation, and is concisely subtitled 空を見上げる少女の瞳に映る世界 / Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, or “The World Reflected in the Eyes of the Girl who Gazes up at the Sky”, which likely indicates no surprises in the direction of the story.

The title is due to air in early spring, 2009. Cast and similar is undecided, though presumably we can expect many seiyuu to reprise their roles. A new OVA is also hinted at.

Via NewType.

Many of those discussing this seem overly preoccupied with the prospect of a new Haruhi season being edged out for some reason…



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