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Clonnad Not AV But Ero-Drama?


Many of those reviewing TMA Clannad AV parody Clonnad are saying the film’s emphasis is more on recreating story than it is upon merely setting the performers on each other; see for yourself in the below compilation of the dramatic scenes.

The fact that the video easily runs to 45 minutes is probably good evidence of dramatic credentials in itself, though whether they are carried off well is a matter I leave to your judgement…

Player 1

Player 2

TMA certainly seem to have put some effort into Clonnad, though many will doubtless prefer the 2D option. Especially with the level of acting and physical beauty on offer here.

Ultimately, even the sales may not tell whether TMA has successfully created a hybrid live action parody with erotic elements, or merely another hideously tawdry cosplay AV (as these can evidently be quite profitable).

So let us put the matter to a vote:

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