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Censorship + Vampire Relaxes DVD Sales Drive


It looks as though censorship anime Rosario + Vampire has opted to relax its experiment in censorship marketing somewhat; we hear that the latest episode, even in its puritanical Osaka TV version, has a mere 11 appearances of the dreaded DVD sales mascots… Tokyo MX may have even fewer.



Perhaps this presages a relaxation of their previously aggressive marketing activities? Fans, or what is left of them at any rate, are certainly hoping so.

Via Princess Note.


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  • Too little (pantsu), too late (relaxation on censorship)… And, “agrees with TheAndySan above”, I see no reason why not add extras (specials “cough” kanokon-style “cough”, interviews, special edition stuff) other than take away (borderline nudity? i don’t mind (waiting for the DVD), but pantyshots, “boobage”, or just anything “suggestive”? F* “excessive” censorship… They made a good move “in my opinion” (the hotsprings at least were kept safe) but it may not be enough… In b4 “reverse-kanokon”

  • Lord Byegone says:

    No imagino a alguien viendo la serie sin importarle la asquerosa censura, claro, a menos que sea alguien que trabaje en 4kids ya que lo único que tienen ellos es murciélagos en la cabeza, así que ver esas alimañas para ellos seria muy natural.
    En lo personal, voy a esperar los Dvd´s , esta serie y su manga (que aun sigue saliendo) me parece muy entretenida.
    Odio la censura, pero no puedo odiar la serie por padecer de ella.

  • It would be different if the bats and bears censored something that they really couldn’t show on TV (tits, ass, etc.), but panty shots? Really? Although the show’s not on my Top Ten list, it’s still fun to watch.

    If it’s DVD sales that they’re trying to improve, why not add some extras instead of unnecessarily censoring things? How about some interesting extra scenes, a bonus episode, interviews with the cast & staff, something!

    That’s just my opinion.