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Macross F Movie Just A Remake?


The excitement surrounding the announcement of a Macross F film may have been misplaced, as an interview with esteemed director and Macross creator 河森正治 / Shouji Kawamori, included in Macross F 2059:Memories, has him making statements which basically scotch the notion of there being much original content or story development from the anime.

He has this to say:

As it won’t be by any means a completely new work, it won’t change things as with the previous series and its movie, but it will follow the original story, and make various improvements. Various subtle changes will also be made to the setting and story…

He then goes on to say that the time limitations imposed by the movie format also mean character development will have to be adjusted (or rather, left out) for some characters.

However, he does leave the assurance that there will be “lots” of elements placed into the movie that didn’t make it into the anime, although we might wonder about this given his preceding comments.

Still, a final verdict will likely have to wait until the film is released, though such statements certainly leave little for fans hoping for a continuation or expansion to become excited over.

This via Half Moon Diary.

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