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Anime Thigh & Foot Fetish Legends


Here we have a compilation of legendary feet, legs and thighs, coming from more recent mainstream anime than we are perhaps used to in these videos.

It looks as though recent titles have been keen to cater to feet maniacs, although it doesn’t take a maniac to see the appeal behind these scenes…

Player 1

Nico. See more such legends.

I was surprised to be able to identify most of them this time; were I not able it might rather embarrassing, given that it is was I who wrote the various articles about each of them.

Kannagi gets featured heavily, for reasons which are likely obvious: Nagi’s thighs, legs and feet are all rather appealing.

You can also see the famous yuri scene from Ga-rei Zero

In case you’re wondering why this compilation makes such liberal use of the “foot fetish” theme, including thighs and legs as well, recall that the Japanese term “ashi” can include all of these, so it’s only natural for it to have a broader focus than we might expect from English equivalents.

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