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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka – Very Steamy Anime


Eroge adaptation あかね色に染まる坂 / Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka may have lost its adult content, but it was supposed to retain much ecchiness; unfortunately, censors seem to have taken issue even with these remnants, and now we hear from fans that broadcasters have gone further than ever in the latest episodes, which are now full of regional physics.

Not just nipples, but even simple pantsu suffer the same treatment:


This is from Aichi TV – a station which was previously noted for being on par with Tokyo MX in showing entirely uncensored anime. How the mighty have fallen?

Some hopeful wag did quip that the Aichi version was in fact still the most ecchi, as she was not wearing any in that version so they had no choice but to censor it, but I think this may be wishful thinking.

Fans are adamant that they have taken things a bit too far this time, though we have to wonder how many of them will subsequently support the practice by buying the DVD…

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  • Hey, at least it’s better than what they’re doing to Rosario+Vampire. Certainly, censor steam is a lot less distracting to me than irritatingly placed bats.

    It doesn’t really detract from the show that much*, and if you really like the series anyway, you can always get the DVD later. If you end up not, then clearly it wasn’t that big of an issue.

    *Unless you’re some kind of pervert that only watches for the ecchi, God forbid ;P

  • meganeshounen says:

    Kinda sad, yes. Nothing much we can do, us foreign viewers, except to hope that they let up with the fanservice, and/or watch the DVD when it comes out.

    That being said, the Minato x Junichi angle sure looks suspicious… and that’s just coming from someone who hasn’t played the game. ^_^;

  • Yet again censorship continues to be a pain in the ass. Seriously what is point anymore. Exactly what ass holes over in Japan are deciding on these type of things?

    Needless to say I hope people do not buy the dvds, I myself will not give them the satisfaction. Why should we pay for what should be included in the televised version? Japanese anime seems to be loosing a lot of what made it good, a lack of censoring (fanservice, language, violence, etc…).

    The might have fallen and it may begin to fall too far to ever be rebuilt. They’ve already angered a majority of the fans and it will only be a matter of time before they start seeing exactly how great the consequences of this are.

    Censors are vile and should be destroyed completely. Exactly who do the creators expect to watch these shows? Clearly not little kids and the majority of the anime fans are teens or higher. These blatant attempts to boost their sales of the dvd will hopefully anger enough people so that they see a definite drop in their sales. I use to buy anime dvds because I actually liked what I saw on the broadcasts, if I don’t care for the broadcasts then I won’t buy the DVDs.

  • My comment is the same from previous censoring posts… I know we overseas otaku can’t do much, but unless Otaku in japan starts boycotting channels that are making such practices, the stations will start censoring even more.

    And again, while I agree with censoring that are applied to fit ratings and stuff, I think it’s pretty clear that some of the censoring is being made just to sell more DVDs.

    The last censored pic, in fact, ended up looking more ecchi than the uncensored version… what’s beyond the myst can be less innocent than a stripped pantsu. 😛

    It’s not too farfetched to think that soon they’ll be cutting parts of the animes with the same excuse, or altering the content.

  • I really have to wonder… Is there a use of watching the current version to only re-watch the DVD version when it is ripped?

    Seriously, this is utterly ridiculous. Pantu being censored? What’s next? Censoring bikinis? Censoring topless men? The possibilities are endless.

    Though we cannot do anything separately, we should band together to make a stand.

    Last but not least, which station is the uncensored pantsu version aired?

    • I’m afraid there’s not much likelihood stations will take any notice of non-subscribing overseas otaku, and the producers probably couldn’t care less about people who aren’t even going to buy the DVD.

      The ones who matter are those who watch TV and then buy the DVD to get the “extras”…