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4,000,000 Hits


Sankaku Complex has reached (actually yesterday) the grand total of four million page views, so some brief words and and an expression of gratitude are in order; as ever, all those kind enough to use the site, post comments or images, link here, or bring the site to the attention of those who it might interest, deserve thanks.

So soon after the prior announcement of three million, announcing four million is still a pleasure, but I think switching to another measure may soon become necessary; come the round number of five million a different system will be adopted, I think. We are also in danger of running out of celebratory Beako images.

Regarding the growth of the site, it continues apace, now with more than 10,000 daily unique visitors, viewing some 80,000 pages daily. Growth in fact seems to be increasing in pace with the high level of popularity the site now enjoys.

I’m also very grateful to announce there has been a great deal of interest in the feed exchange program we’re running; if you have a site you think should be included, please get in touch.

I would like also to extend special thanks to those of you kind enough to get in contact with feedback or problems relating to the site – it can be hard to notice these problems, so in many cases hearing from users is the only way they can be brought to light.

On a similar note, those who are kind enough to offer corrections or additional information in the comments also deserve special thanks; I take accuracy and proper presentation very seriously, so being given the opportunity to improve these by way of the many eyes of users is invaluable.

Finally, the move to the new server seems to have been completed without hitch (actually, there were endless problems, but naturally these were all resolved before conducting the migration itself). You should notice the responsiveness of the site has improved dramatically; hopefully it can be improved even further with additional optimisations.

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