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Samaritan Arrested for Helping Lost Little Girl


A man (20) who helped a lost and tearful little girl (6) find her way to her grandmother’s distant abode has been arrested for child kidnapping, we hear.

The girl had apparently been scolded by her mother and was tearfully malingering in the street on afternoon. At this point the man passed by, and asked the little girl what the matter was.

She responded “I want to go to granny who lives in Misato City’s house”, with this being some 11km distant. The good Samaritan opted to take her with him in that direction.

Upon arrival, as the girl did not know the address of her grandmother, he called upon a police office in the vicinity of the station there.

Police immediately deemed him suspect, all the more so for having the little girl in his car,and promptly arrested him for abducting the girl.

The kidnapper says of his crime: “There was a little girl crying, so I asked what the matter was. She said she wanted to go to her granny in Misato’s, so I took her with me as I was headed over that way”.

It appears the girl had been scolded by her mother over the unspecified matter of a textbook, and became upset and left her house alone.

Via Itainews.

2channers are alternating between decrying the entrenchment of apathy, and ridiculing the man for not keeping his nose out of matters not his concern.

Some do however raise the point that he might have done better to inform police of the girl’s predicament.

Even this might have been too much for police though; we hear a tale from one poster saying that he was arrested for going shopping with his own young daughter, with police grilling him for hours and unable to believe a father would do such a thing – he was only rescued when his wife was urgently summoned to the station…

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  • Damn imight as well get my lwyer ready and get an ID saying im my daughters fathers when we visit my wife side of the family in Japan this year dont want to be arrested for taking her out for icecream an all you know with me being a rather large dark-skinned foreigner an all! lol

  • You are all forgetting something. In Japan there is a “proper” way to do EVERYTHING. Even rescues must be done according to “proper” standards. Remember when you meet someone new in Japan you are suppose to bow. This cultural emphasis on “properness” has rubbed off onto some of their laws. That is, not only must you do the right thing (rescue someone) but you must do it in the “proper” way (that is calling the authorities, and NOT conducting the rescue yourself), or else you are committing a crime. It’s as simple as that.

  • Anonymous says:

    They ought to be grateful. Better him helping the kid out than her being kidnapped by a molester and raped. I’d think he was a little beyond suspicion since he was openly asking police in that district for help. Child kidnappers don’t usually approach POLICE for help. Or so I hear.

  • Wandering_Youth says:

    He should of called the Police instead of trying to take the girl to her grandma’s house, however the Police were overly sensitive in arresting him. I say, both sides were at fault.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. Nobody’s perfect; the poor chap might not have been prepared for a situation like this, or just caught up in the spur of the moment. You can’t expect everyone to robotically react with “OH I KNOW, I’LL CALL THE LOCAL POLICE STATION.” Japan has a 911 I assume? Bottomline is, its wrong to fault a samaritan that makes a sub-optimal choice in handling the situation, specially when theres no fatality/trauma involved.

      All the japanese police needs now is some common sense. This guy drove up to a police station with the girl ffs. What they should’ve done is:

      1.Inspect the girl for any obvious signs of abuse/trauma.
      2.Escort the samaritan’s car to girl’s house, or, take samaritan and girl in a police car to girl’s house to check on any foul play.

      No policeman is perfect, but given that they’ve to go through god damn police school and supposedly trained/prepared for these situations, they’re pretty much expected to handle it prudently.

  • CanadaMann says:

    Ever touch a little girl, you will be arrested.
    Ever talk to a girl, you will be jailed.
    Ever dates a woman, you will be shot.

    Everything planned by the feminists, everything so organized.

  • This is like the total opposite of any anime I have ever seen; where the main character and the bimbo he’s with help some little kid find her parents, making the two have an even stronger bond in an already sickeningly affectionate relationship. See, real life sucks, that’s why i watch anime and play halo all day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, we don’t know how this guy looks and talks like, some people just make others suspicious.

    On the other hand, there was a serial killer who talked cops into giving him his victim back.

  • Question Mark says:

    maybe its just better to do something horrible, Japan has a knack for punishing the good and forgiving the perverted criminal, o well Japans the place for me until i need to raise a kid, no man shall take care of my kid without getting arrested for being a good samaritan

  • I’d take this in a different yet very related perspective.

    SO, what if the 20-year-old person that helped the girl was a woman? Wouldn’t those dumbass prejudicial police suspect?

    If they won’t suspect, the matter at hand would not only be accusations of pedophilia (towards men) but also sexism because they are biased over the gender of people that help children IN JAPAN.

    If they would suspect, sheesh…the said policemen in the report seriously need to go to hell.

  • Armageddon can’t come quick enough >_<. So… if you see someone in trouble, you need to be a celebrity/lawyer (and even THAT won’t save your ass from civil suits these days) to pull a MacGuyver to help out? So much for that Christianly ethic.

    This kind of story eats away another piece of my heart.

  • Sad.
    So, it would be better if he just ignored her, maybe leaving the girl to be raped or to face something like that.
    Japanese police seems to be getting a little too paranoid these days.
    And Japan isn’t even a country where there are many child abuse cases…

  • something like this happened to my friend…
    he’s driving his car and saw a bike fall to the roadside,,,,
    he said to me, “with my heroic style, I stop my car and help the guy on the bike”
    but, then he almost got himself beaten by people nearby, because people think its my friend that crash the bike off the road,,,
    people with short thinking is scary, more over if its great in number…
    and my friend said, he’ll never gonna do something like that again…
    there goes one good samaritan taken off the streets…

  • good people die fast, remember that.

    well..if you guys remember the train rape article posted here? nobody is helping the girl cos everyone get the lesson helping them means putting yourself in trouble XD.

  • good people die fast, remember that.

    well..if you guys remember the train rape article posted here? nobody is helping the girl cos everyone get the lesson helping them means putting yourself in trouble XD.

  • It’s really disgusting how the pedophilia problem in Japan is so out of control that the police need to be that cautious.

    I mean it may seem extreme to some of you, but with things as bad as they are it’s not being overly cautious to think that maybe the man is trying to drive the girl someplace bad and that he’s just talking to the police to put her at ease, to erase her doubts of him being a bad stranger.

    There was no reason for the man to associate himself with the girl to that extent. When he saw her alone and everything he should have called the police immediately and had them take care of it.

    • What’s the difference? Presumably he’s still going to stay with the girl to keep her safe until the police arrive, at which point they still arrest him for being in the presence of a little girl.

        • Here’s what I say:

          Child abuse rates are even higher in Western countries, compared to Japan, than the statistics say. If the statistics say it’s 3 times more common, it’s probably more like 10 times in reality.
          Because Western culture practically makes it mandatory *not* to report child abuse. I have absolutely no evidence to back this up, but I just *know* Western culture. Hey, I have lived in Western countries for almost all of my life – I’m a bona fide expert! My wild guesses thus demolish any fancy hard data anybody comes up with!

          “When the data contradict my prejudices, the data are obviously in error.” Jesus foxtrotting Christ! I can’t stand this crap anymore.

        • Very true (and likely), but then there are no #s to support the idea that it’s a substantially bigger problem in Japan than other developed nations.

          Even doubling (tripling?) the report # still falls short of say, America’s reported cases, and it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that Japan, a country with such ludicrously small # of crimes (of all sorts) compared to Western countries would have less incidents.

  • Such a stark contrast from just reading about Japan’s group and shame culture.

    Looks like Japan is now all about the shame with none of the “group”.

    Where’s all this lovey dovey “we’re all in this together” group culture mentality? This is like Christianity with the judgmental God only and with the redemption and salvation.

  • furin kazan says:

    I think the society is too sensitive when grow up male helping or just talk to little gal..If this happened to me, I’ll find female or police right away for help….
    Other man arrested because shopping with his young daughter???may be every father need some ID or paper to prove their relationship when they hang up & keep saying ” she is my daughter” when they are walking……

    • Hunter Wolf says:

      That’s what he did, he went to the local police, they are just acting stupid and overly paranoid, if he wanted to kidnap her why the hell would he go to the local police office with the girl and as near as possible to were she lives .. seriously !!!!

      As much as Pedophiles are disgusting the overly paranoid people who just keep throwing random accusations of pedophilia at innocent people are equally the same.

      “not keeping his nose out of matters not his concern.”

      I call nonsense on this one !!!

      Wonder if any of those accusing him would have said the same if that man saved his daughter, if you are looking for your lost daughter you will surely wish for someone to find her and bring her right back to you instead of her being lost on the streets and never found again .. or found by some actual pedo !!!!

      • While it may seem kind that he was taking the little girl to her grandparents, he was also breaking a number of laws.

        Simply put:
        1) He wasn’t the child’s parent/guardian.
        2) Child’s parent/guardian had *no* knowledge of the situation
        3) He was a complete stranger to this little girl.

        While his intentions were good, they are irrelevant, he did abduct this child. What do you think he would have done if the little girls grandparent wasn’t at home?

        Any parent would be understandably terrified if their elementary school aged child disappeared for god knows how long in the custody of a relative stranger (let alone total stranger), despite their intent even I would have called the cops and filed charges even if they were my own family.

        • Try and put yourself in his shoes.

          You’d want to find this girl’s home and get her there safely. Everyone would be happy, you get her home and done. Go back to your daily routine.

          The only problem was she didn’t know exactly where that was, and it was already too late for him to try and go back, so he ended up having to get the Police into the matter.

        • all you did was give three different meanings of being a stranger. being a stranger is not braking the law. i hate people that think to solve any problem press charges.if someone knocks on your door and says is this your lost child and you turn directly around and call the police and tell them you want to report a kidnaping you deserve to be repeatedly punched in the mouth.

        • The main problem here is that the parents were neglecting their child. She was alone, and not being watched. A stranger should be able to rescue abandoned children and take them where they need to be.

          His only error was trying to find the house instead of going directly to the police first.

      • > That’s what he did, he went to the local police
        yep, but after driving her out of her home 11km away.
        the right thing i meant was to go to police right from the place where he met her.

        i do not blame this man, but he rather made her parents some serious trouble, don’t you think?

        anyway, sometimes, before doing something good, you should think about consequences.

  • Hahaha, now we know what’s the world like nowadays. So the best thing is to be an apathy person, mind our own bussiness, and don’t ever try to get in someone’s bussiness, it’ll only bringg troubles to you. If you want to help, help people you know, because strangers can give you trouble.

  • “Even this might have been too much for police though; we hear a tale from one poster saying that he was arrested for going shopping with his own young daughter, with police grilling him for hours and unable to believe a father would do such a thing – he was only rescued when his wife was urgently summoned to the station…”

    they are being too sensitive
    i guess it is still a good thing
    because here, police are the second most corrupt followed by politicians
    there, they are doing their job