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Princess Waltz English Release Due


In one of the highest profile and most promising English language visual novel releases to date, fantasy combat eroge Princess Waltz is set for a November 2008 release.

As we’ve seen, unfortunately not all localisers of visual novels take their products or customers seriously, so you will be glad to hear that Princess Waltz is being handled optimally: translation is done by native speakers, Japanese voicing is fully intact with English text, and the game is freed of the curse of Japanese censorship laws – it will be entirely uncensored.


The game itself, originally released in 2006, enjoyed some popularity and is notably more game-like than many in the genre – card based combat plays a role, and naturally enough building stats and combat ability requires much sex with the fairly extensive female cast.



The art, as you can see below, is of a very high standard, so whilst I would concede that the title looks to be relatively unadventurous (in both art and harem collection storyline), it should be able to make up for this with some very high production values.






You can find out more on the game’s official site.

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  • Well after playing this I have to say it’s a good game, but it felt like it was a copycat version of Fate/stay night in a way.The things similar to the two games seem to be that the infamous meme “Killed when you die,” shows up a whole lot, and some of the poses that a few of the characters do look similar to whatthe characters would do in the Fate Visual Novel.

    Not only that, but having a blonde girl as the main heroine as well strikes me as similar.

    Overall it is a very good game.It makes me wonder if the group who did this was influenced by the Fate/stay night Visual Novel at all now.

  • CraniumC0re says:

    i got mine from J-list once you activate your first download (Out of 5 you get) the download link stays open for 24 hours or something close to that… It also supposes download managers. so you can pause and resume.

    The files you get upon download are a soundtrack file (good tunes in this good to be honest) and a EXE for the installation

    The game itself is rather well done by my opinions. It does play like a story with the odd battle. I did enjoy the battle system on normal (There are 2 choices for the battle system easy and normal. Easy is for people who dont enjoy battling and want to progress quickly. It will increase you damage done immensely and cause battles to be easier. its good for when you are trying to get the rest of the endings)

    The choices arent that many so it many ways its like a story. Ofc theres the side storys depending on your choice but thats a given. I would reccomend this game to people who like a story and not people who want pron. At this point if you want that go google it or sumthing.

    Overall i give this game a 9/10. Its a well good game up there with the greats by me. Ain’t played loads of games but its about as good as cresendo (Another great game). CGs nice_soundtrack nice_Unique_good story

  • Hmm art wise this looks really good. I’m considering buying this, but is there anyone who has played this that can vouch for the quality of the story/gameplay? Pretty solider wars also had great CG’s, but the battle system and story were a bit… below standerds x.x

    Oh yeah, and does anyone know the details about buying by download? If the download cuts off you won’t lose your money will you? Also what format does the file you get come in (exe rar etc)?

  • meganeshounen says:

    Seinarukana, now that’s a game worth getting and porting over.

    Although, from what I’ve heard, it has a lot of difficult terms and whatnot, besides the language barrier. Battle system looks slick though.

    • It’s not to bad. I can still play and understand whats going on (using translation software), I do use a guide to understand the moves because the software can’t translate the details of the moves.

  • I’ve played the japanese demo a long time ago and loved it despite not knowing a word of japanese. I was trilled to find out there was a english localization. But at last, I could not afford to keep the pre-order. I seriously need a job. 🙁

  • Wow, the selection of pictures gives away a pretty big plot twist, granted, the twist is about as obvious as they come. I got a decent bit of the way through the game, then got a hold of prism ark and forgot about PW. I can’t wait for it to come out in english and uncensored. The gameplay isn’t exactly deep though, if you put it on easy, you barely even have to think. If you want an eroge with good gameplay, I suggest Seinarukana, it’s only in japanese though.

  • I’ll probably get it, but does anyone know if there will be a special edition version or if it will just be the one normal one?

    The site doesn’t mention one, but I always have a habit of missing them.

  • I quite hope this game does well. A great deal of effort has clearly been put into the localization (as evidenced by the fact that they actually made an English site for it), and the game itself looks rather decent too. Hopefully it will sell well, leading PeachPrincess to localize similarly high-caliber games, instead of their standard nukige fair.

    They should have Kazoku Keikaku coming out next year, too…

    • Yeah, they’ve been promising Kazoku Keikaku for 2 years now…. I’m almost to the point of playing the original version and saying screw the Engrish release….. However, uncensored would be nice…