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95% of Japanese Women Onanists


According to the results of a series of recent surveys, 94.4% of Japanese women asked responded affirmatively to the question “Do you do ecchi things by yourself?”

Another survey asks the question “Do you possess a vibrator?” – 46.9% of women questioned say they do.

Finally, when asked “Do you experience orgasms?”, a healthy 81.5% say they do.

These surveys were conducted from 2004 on, as part of the research for a new book, “Love Research”, which provides answers to such searching questions as “When you want to do it, how do you get your boyfriend in the mood?” and “My nipples are dark. I want them to be pink!”

The surveys themselves were conducted with a modest sample size of about 300 each – the results seem uncontroversial enough, so we might consider them fairly sound.

Via Ameba.

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