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Wife Arrested for Deleting Husband


A lady who married a man virtually in the popular massively multiplayer game MapleStory was so furious at him unilaterally divorcing her that she logged in using his details and deleted him. Police then arrested her for unauthorised access to his account.

The lady, a 43-year-old piano teacher offline, married in the game (to a 33-year-old salaryman), but the marriage apparently suffered difficulties; the husband took it upon himself to unilaterally divorce her.

So spurned, the wife was enraged, and using the login and password her husband had previously told her, logged in to his account, where she deleted him.

Police arrested her some months later on charges of unauthorised access; for her part, she admits to deleting him.

Via Sankei.

MapleStory actually has an in game system for marriages, with various associated quests and buyable enhancements. It is not clear how one can perform a divorce, though the simple expedient of PKing the unwanted spouse seems unlikely…

You will of course immediately notice parallels to a similar previous incident involving a character deletion arrest; it seems Japanese police are the best friend of the MMORPG gamer.

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