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Clannad After Story Praised for Faithfulness


Kyoto Animation have earned the praise even of critical 2channers, for we hear that their rendition of a key scene (or at least one fans are particular about), above, is completely faithful to, and even improves upon, the CG original from the visual novel, which you can see underneath it.

As we saw, Clannad After Story is enjoying a hugely favourable reception from fans, so this looks set to continue if KyoAni keep up their impeccable, if unadventurous, adaptation efforts.

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  • Kaioshin, I’m usually a person who takes beef with Kyoto’s conservatism when it comes to their adaptation, but what did you think of the addition of Yukine’s talk about her experience with her brother in this episode? It was an absolutely masterful stroke! Apart from adding to Mei’s resolve, providing continuity and staying very much in-character with Yukine’s healing personality, it was also the perfect preparation/foreshadowing for when her story eventually rolls around. I almost leapt off my seat at that particular scene, so perfect it was from a gamer’s point of view.

    • The way I look at it is not that Kyoani is doing anything masterful, but that pretty much every other company that is doing VN adaptations is failing miserably at it somehow. I don’t know if it’s just that they have no idea what the fans want in terms of an adaptation or that they just don’t care, but that seems to be the case. Hence Kyoani’s VN adaptations are par or slightly above whereas other companies appear to be mediocore or well below it, sometimes in the realms of “WTF is this shit”. Case in point Prism Heart the incomprehensible animation.

      • Kaioshin, you don’t understand, Clannad IS a masterful VN adaptation, as opposed to the average Air adaptation and slightly above average Kanon adaptation. A lot of its mastery is in its subtle elements like direction, scripting and composition, stuff that’s invisible to the casual viewer but which becomes apparent on deeper examination. I’m not much good at the latter myself, but if you’re interested in learning more, go to the two following sites:


        where they analyse Clannad in detail, and you’ll see what I mean when I say Clannad is a masterful adaptation.

        It’s not always about improvements to plots, characters and dialogue as indicators of a good adaptation, although it can be part of it like the IMO masterful Asatte no Houkou and the Yukine scene this episode.

        • I can’t really see what else you could want me to say here, you call it masterful, I call it fine or satisfactory. I understand perfectly what you are trying to say here, but I just see it in a different way is all. To me the essence of a good adaptation is simple. Almost insipidly so. You take something from one format and transfer it to another with as little loss in the quality and essence of the original as possible. Preferably none if done right.

          Occasionally you wrong across those adaptations that actually end up being better then there source material such as the movie the Silence of The Lambs or the TV Series Stargate SG-1 from the movie Stargate, but I agree those are a rarity. I’ll try to explain one more time, but the way I see it is not that the average adaptation of a VN is usually so uninspired, half-assed or just plain boring that when one that is actually decent or shows some effort on the part of the production studio like Clannad comes along it might as well be viewed as a masterstroke of adaptation. The same goes for Tales of The Abyss as compared to every other “Tales of…” adaptation ever in my opinion. They are masterpieces when compared to their bretheren.

  • Tyrenol is actually a classic troll. Everywhere I’ve ever bumped into him he’s always been waging some war against the fandom of a particular show, be it Gundam, Code Geass, Lucky Star, Macross or Clannad. He’s ine of those people that by all impressions seems to hate the world and everyone in it. I’d just ignore him and wait till he goes away. Personally I had to eventually take matters into my own hands with my blog.

    Still, the question has to be raised, how praiseworthy is a scene taken almost verbatim from it’s source? It’s not exactly the first time it’s been done….or the millionth. Sometimes I think people just like to praise Kyoani for the hell of it, but whatever, trends are trends. I’m just waiting until they actually exceed my expectations with regard to Clannad before I shower them with any praise which so far has happened all of once.

    By the way, that whole “Comments may take a few minutes to display”, you weren’t kidding were you?

    • I don’t hate the world.

      I just hate when companies within the entertainment industry promote bad ideas. And I also hate when their followers defend them against differentiating opinions with said company’s cum in their collective mouth.

      Finally: I hate when people have something to say, promote their ideas, and proclaim their love; yet hide their identity like cowards. You all (would) know who I am; I took my risks.

      You don’t want the world to take a good long look at your real-life self for the fear of being ridiculed. That’s understandable. I’ll admit that I’m not exactly the best-looking guy IRL.

      But I’ve yet to be disproved of the idea that the rest of the people who frequent this site are grossly overweight, pimply, and unkempt.

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      • And how can you promote some ideas and the same time hide your identity? It’s like saying to everyone that loli stuff is good and trying at the same time to hide the fact that you are a lolicon. It just doesn’t makes sense, man!

    • Ignore him? But we love feeding the troll; we love him and love to watch him spout off histrionic bullshit over the most inane, petty things that you can possibly imagine, prodding him as he projects his own insecurities on his “haters” and swings at phantoms.

      It’s great sport! Everyone should try it. Remind him of how much of an otaku he is, that will really get him going.

  • “Popularity” keeps getting talked about; and it’s obvious that the fanbase of Clannad/KyotoAnimu/Key are a significantly large lot of evil and mean-spirited, if not sad, people.

    The people who tried to play off this fact and (use everyone else’s blogs to) make me look bad; you know who you are, Wit. Where’s that proof that you’re not just “some jealous troll?”

    • Wait, saying that the guys who make fun of you for spouting ridiculous, internally-inconsistent bullshit make you look bad is like the girl that asks if a particular dress makes her look fat.

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