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PSP Bomb Threat Boy Ransoms School for $1,000,000


A schoolboy (15) so hated his cram school that he posted a bomb threat on their website using his PSP, demanding ¥100,000,000 in order to avert catastrophe.

The boy’s reasoning was that if the school was subjected to a bomb threat, they would have no choice but to cancel his loathed lessons.

With this in mind, he menaced the establishment via their homepage: “I’ve hidden bombs all through the school. If you want to stop them going off, come pay me ¥100,000,00!”

He apparently made four such threats over several weeks, variously using his PSP (using the Internet from home), a phone and letters.

Regarding his choice of PSP as bomb threat delivery tool, and his demand for so much cash, he was pragmatic: “I wanted it to seem real, so I demanded cash. If I was busted by police, they’d come and take the family PC away, and that would be troublesome so I made the threats from a PSP.”

The boy, who thankfully had no means (we might wonder about whether he had the inclination) to carry out his threat, was arrested by police for interfering with the course of their duties.

Via Sankei.

With such well developed mental faculties, is it really surprising the boy was forced to attend cram school?

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