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Pro-Lolicon Law Demanded by Politician


The recycled petition for an adult game and anime ban prepared for the Diet’s attention recently seems to be not the only such petition readied; unusually, we hear of another petition demanding action on loli porn, but this one is in support of freedom of expression, seeking full legal recognition rather than a ban.

The petition in question, proposed by a Social Democrat, seeks for 2D illustrations to be explicitly excepted from the definition of pornography with underage participants the recently passed new law is working with:

“False charges, abuse of search rights, invasion of privacy and the excessive moves towards becoming a surveillance state are all rampant.”

The petition then demands a clear and unambiguous definition of what material the law covers, and for illustrated works to not be included in that definition, and for all of this to be included in a revision to the law.

The law’s treatment of 2D loli was craftily put in abeyance for several years, so “research” can be conducted (or more likely, so the heat can die off and it can be quietly dropped without appearing to support lolicon or upsetting moralists) – this petition looks as if it would rather see the law amended to explicitly exclude illustrations from what is considered within the remit of the law.

The petition may only a meagre 255 signatures (there are other pro-freedom of expression petitions with tens of thousands), but that hardly matters as nobody takes any notice of them either way – it is rather interesting to see veiled support for restraint and freedom of expression from a politician, rather than the usual moral pandering.

Of course, the only politicians who matter in this debate, those of the LDP, are silent on the matter…

Via ITmedia.

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