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New Adult Anime, Eroge Ban Put Before Diet


Another petition has been put before the Diet, once again demanding a ban on the sale and production of “bishoujo adult anime magazines and adult simulation games”, or ero-anime, ero-manga and eroge in normal language, this time with 10,000 signatures.

The petition is titled:

“A Petition for Legislation to Restrict the Sale and Production of Bishoujo Adult Anime Magazines and Bishoujo Adult Anime Simulation Games”

You may very well recognise the awkward language and style of the request for legislation as being markedly similar to what was proposed in the 169th session of the Diet (this one is to go before the 170th).

It looks as if the Democratic Party (leftist opposition party) members responsible for the last petition are still keen to burnish their child friendly credentials with a soft target.

This time the proponent is Muneaki Murai – one look at the photograph on this Democrat’s site should tell you all you need to know about this shady character.

Of course, it seems likely this one will fail just as the last one did.

With (goth) loli fan Rozen Aso in charge, it doesn’t look like attacks on the world of anime will have the same level of acceptance as they might otherwise, and lolicon did recently manage to accumulate more than 20,000 signatures in support of their own efforts to preserve freedom of expression.

Coming so soon after the vigorously opposed loli ban, we might wonder just why politicians suddenly see oppressing anime, manga and game producers as a major vote winner?

It is puzzling, though the reasons they refrain from targeting houses of ill repute and AV companies instead are probably obvious…

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  • I hate politicians, but only once I wanted to be one, so I could file a petition demanding a ban on the politicians who spends precious time and taxpayers money on petitions like that.

    No, seriously. It’s not just about personal tastes, it’s about economy, market and the whole freedom of speach and rights of fellow citizens.

    If those shitheads politicians wants to pander to the moralists and extremist religious crowd, be my guest.

    But do it with their own money and on their own house. Because while working for the country, they should spend more time and money trying to solve the crisis than trying to make the economy and the rights of the citizens even worse than they already are.

    • You know I find it funny every time “freedom of speech” gets mentioned? Because, in the US, you will not find an opponent for “freedom of speech” anywhere.

      Spiderman? Peter Parker? Uncle Ben? “With great power comes great responsibility?”

      You want the power to enjoy works based on the sexualization and raping of kids under legal age. But when the time comes for the creators of said works to take responsibility; when real children get raped, and by those dumb enough to be brainwashed by these works… Said creators and their fans had been found “washing their hands of it.”

      • Jefferson rocks says:

        > Because, in the US, you will not find an opponent for “freedom of speech” anywhere.

        Pay more attention to reality. Haven’t you seen the news lately? Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling for a return to McCarthy-era suppression of anti-American views. Freedom of speech is under attack all the time, even in the USA.

        > Spiderman? Peter Parker? Uncle Ben? “With great power comes great responsibility?”

        Quote Spider-man all you want, but comic books aren’t a good foundation for real-life conduct; fiction is not reality. I think Thomas Jefferson is much more appropriate in this case: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

  • That proves it. You’re either children or “children in the head.”

    It’s called “POLITICS.” You’re voted into the position, you do the job for the people.

    Also; maybe it the target wasn’t so “soft” in the first place…

    • I’m sure that when they finally bring the hammer down on these crumb-bums, you’ll be totally in the clear with your airtight alibi and all.
      “I swear, I fully consider these high school girls (or smooth-skinned, effeminate boys) to be eighteen in my head! I even wrote a disclaimer in my fanfiction!!”

    • For what it’s worth, Aso (who happens to be both Catholic and very conservative) never claimed support for explicit manga, which he spoke out against during the 90s. Love of manga and support for loli porn are different things, so I find it ironic that otaku have portrayed him as a defender of their cause.

      • I think any political attack on such material is likely to harm the industry as a collective whole; remember that the same people who publish the normal manga are the ones publishing the ero variety as well, perhaps just with a different set of companies at best – as a result, if he is sensitive to the industry (rather than the issues), then he may be inclined to behave in a relatively enlightened fashion.

        He’s also known for courting otaku, so I think he’ll turn out to be a politician first, and a papist last.

        • You never know though, if more moralfags get involved Artefact then he might be scared to cater to the paying otaku for fear of the reprisal of voters. I really hope you’re right though…

          Does he think that if ero is banned that people will suddenly be able to replace that work with normal work? That would increase the competition and perhaps the overall quality of the normal market (though not by much, the people who can do that well are already doing their best) but people would be hurting.

          Many starving artists would not be able to make a start and get recognized as many do through doujin… =-(

  • as the politicians in our country like to pander the religious nuts for the religious vote, they are pandering the parents for the moralistic vote… seriously, politicians always attack the soft targets, knowing well they will lose, but the point is that they are trying to do it to gain attention and recognition…

  • Webbmaster62 says:

    First there trying to make Japan like the US and now this again? I really believe they should just go ahead and give up. Japan thrives on this stuff. It’s what makes the money. I doubt it’s going anywhere soon.