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Kyou no Go no Ni Loli Pantsu Massacred


We saw before how the choices made in readapting loli school slice anime Kyou no Go no Ni led to heavy handed sanitisation of a title which was, in the OVA and manga versions, respectably ecchi at times, especially with regard to loli pantsu.

It seems this trend continues, with the third episode exhibiting a truly stark differential in service levels in some respects; the extensive comparison below illustrates this in great detail.

Bowdlerised TV version is on the left:


Actually, the cleavage here, if it qualifies as such, seems better in the TV version…


This last scene really seems to lose all comic effect after the censorship – really, they may as well just rewrite such sections if this is the best they can do within these constraints. Is pantsu humour really appropriate when showing the very article is completely verboten?

This via AAA.


You can see what became of the first and second episodes by way of comparison as well.

The changes made between the two versions have certainly proved controversial, although quite possibly the viewers in their target timeslot could not care less?

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