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Cosplay Maid Raid Biker Gang Strikes Akiba


A gang of female maid cosplay bikers, with no less than eight bikes and calling themselves the “Ladies”, has appeared for unknown reasons in Akiba; police soon dispersed the renegade maids and restored public disorder to its usual level.


The maid riders appeared in the afternoon, comprised of eight bikes and a car, with all members apparently female and in various states of cosplay, chiefly maids, but with some goth loli, ama-loli and even miniskirt clad police uniform clad members.

As wretched bike owners are often wont to do, the unruly maids were making considerable noise with their engines, and drawing much attention.

They were quickly reported for blocking traffic, as they were apparently staging something of a performance and flashing “V” signs for gathering onlookers. Police rapidly arrived in force, but the maid raid withdrew to a backstreet, and police only later caught up with them stopped elsewhere, delivering a rebuke and dispersing them.

It is said that for some inexplicable reason they were playing the theme song to Sailor Moon, “Moonlight Densetsu”.

Police are none the wiser: “It looks as if it was the ‘Ladies’, but we don’t know what they were after”.

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