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Key’s New Eroge “Rewrite” Gets Loli Overtones


Some details on top eroge producer Key’s latest title, Rewrite, have emerged, with the character designs attracting particular attention – fans can’t help but notice all three heroines are drawn in a distinct loli style, though their actual ages are not yet clear.

The character designs themselves seem skilful enough, but they deviate little from the usual style of Key, perhaps not a bad thing?

The cast has been revealed as being, from left to right: まきいづみ / Maki Izumi, すずきけいこ / Suzuki Keiko, and 安玖深音 / Agumi Oto, all of whom are seasoned seiyuu in the field.

The release date for the game is still undecided, and it is also not entirely clear whether this will be a full blown eroge on release, or get erotic elements in an expansion, as with Little Busters Ecstasy.

We might wonder whether this title will beat Little Busters to getting an anime adaptation, as despite the  wishes of fans we are left only with Clannad for the time being.


The source is the latest issue of Push.

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