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Konami Tech Astounds: Game Deletes Hard Drives


Konami’s technological level has recently attracted concern, with the news that the 3D version of its “Aquanaut: Online Aquarium”, surprisingly enough a game of aquarium simulation, takes a rather drastic uninstallation measure – quoth their website:

Defect Symptoms:

When installed on drive C: or similar, upon uninstallation the program deletes all files extant on C:.

Our Response:

We will issue an update which enables normal uninstallation.

Update Schedule:

Currently, we are investigating. The release date is undecided.”

The usual platitudes follow, for once being severely understated. Just how long does it take to update an uninstaller so it does not delete customer hard drives?

The announcement, which doesn’t even mention that their product now uninstalls hard drives until half way through, can be read here.

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