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Toradora! Second Season Confirmed?


Tsundere anime Toradora looks very likely to get a second season in addition to the currently confirmed 13 episode run, bringing the total up to 25, if the officially announced DVD release schedule is to be believed.

The reasoning is most persuasive:

Starchild have announced a total of eight DVDs for the series, with the eighth due almost a year hence. They further announced that the first DVD, due January, will contain four episodes, of the total 13 thus far confirmed.

This leaves nine episodes spread over seven DVDs, or one episode per DVD, spread over a year; this would represent a very bold pricing strategy (¥6,000 per episode), which seems difficult to believe.

Much more plausible is the speculation that the DVDs will span two seasons and 25 or so episodes, which would be in line with industry standards.

This via CAX.

If this is correct, then we might further deduce that the next season would fall in the spring, as there is an approximately three month lag between release of the first DVD and the start of Toradora, and the fifth DVD is due at the end of May, so it would need to be months in advance of any episodes.

One issue which has not yet been mentioned in connection with this otherwise positive news, is the fact that the very rapid progression of the series through the novels, with the first novel having been used up in but two episodes, does look as if it could become problematic with an extended run.

Presumably, they know what they are doing on this front? We can but hope so.

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