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Magical Girl Transformation Anime Legends


At the heart of the 魔法少女 / mahou shoujo, or magical girl, genre of anime lies the all-important henshin (transformation) scene, where the young loli must transform into her magical battle mode in the most alluring manner possible, whilst avoiding attracting the attention of censors, although this ceases to be an issue in the case of adult magical loli anime.

Here we have a highly comprehensive look at transformation scenes of all kinds, reaching an impressive half an hour in length over three videos.

Should you be familiar with more than a fraction of these you might justifiably fear the wrath of Beako even more than I, but let us pay no heed to such matters, and instead get down to some serious scrutiny:

Player 1


Player 2


Player 3


You might also want to take a look at this hentai transformation, and this Clannad transformation.

More legends.


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