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Loli Boom in Full Swing


Some wag on 2ch came out with this rather interesting result, giving a powerful insight into the rise of the Lolita complex:

As you may know, Google recently celebrated their tenth anniversary by opening a retro version of Google search which searches their earliest available index, from 2001, back when Al Gore was still fitting the tubes together with duct tape.

Searching this index can give some insight into the primeval Internet, and some results can be rather surprising.

Take a simple search of the Japanese Internet for loli (ロリ in Japanese):

2001 Loli (ロリ):

Results 1 – 10 of about 41,300 for ロリ. (0.02 seconds)

2008 Loli (ロリ):

Results 1 – 10 of about 13,600,000 for ロリ. (0.11 seconds)

“Loli” in English gives a similarly pronounced inflation, from 96,100 to 13,300,000, though since the English language Internet dwarfs the Japanese one it is not a straightforward comparison.

Might we conclude that this is the new lolicon era? Or perhaps the lolicon had simply not yet migrated to the Internet? Whatever the case, it looks like lolicon are here to stay, whatever Beako or her less charming imitators may have to say about the matter…


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    • Agreed with that…
      I think most lolicons just were looking for stuff a bit more ‘their age’ when they discovered pr0ns all those years back.
      Of course there’s comfort in familiar tastes, so the girls just don’t age as the fappers do.

      And so, they become lolicons.

  • I’ll wait until that public parade comes.

    I’ll take all of this “loli” business seriously when I see the significant numbers of people march down some popular street somewhere.

    With targets painted on the back, or front, of their heads.

    With large, visible, newscaster-attracting, buzz-generating banners.

    Saying, amongst other things, “Oh Yes! We Love To Rape Your Cute And Precious Child In Our Minds!”

    (The US had “punished” Bill Mahr for saying that our bombs are smart and our children are stupid. The kids can be saved. It’s when they become full-blown adults…)

    • Tyrenol likes Boku no Pico and Strike Witches and sees no inconsistency in this. He thinks that bumping up the ages of the Negima girls in his hilarious wish fulfillment fanfiction (in which he ascribes to the main character every character trait he wishes he had but does not because he is a pathetic, delusional man, a self-hating otaku with serious woman issues) makes it less creepy that he still has the impulse to have sex with the canonically fifteen year-old cartoon characters.

      You sure can tilt your self-righteous cock off at whatever ridiculous windmills you feel like battling that day, but as soon as someone tells you what a schmuck you are, you’re sticking your minuscule dick between your legs, putting your fingers in your ears, and repeating the mantra “LA LA LA NOT LISTENING LA LA LA I’M NOT AN OTAKU.” to stave off the ever-present spectre of the reality of your own shambles of an existence. Why are you such a failure, Tyrenol? And why won’t you open up your Livejournal to your adoring fans?

    • Why should it matter what goes on in our head? Unless you’re dumb enough to go out and act on the thoughts that go through your head, it really doesn’t make much difference whether you think of a loli, a girl with gigantic breasts, or even a whale (Figuratively and literally).

      Though personally, I can’t defend those whose interest in children extends into the 3D realm, but that is why I prefer to reserve the word pedophile for those people, while using lolicon to identify people who have an interest in neotonous women. I’m proud to be a lolicon, having been a moderator for a lolicon forum for 7 years now, and that is something that will never change. I will publically state it at times too when people question me about it. Why should I be ashamed of my 2D tastes, and especially my 3D tastes, when all I prefer are girls that are short and flat chested while still being legal?

  • Actually, as a fraction of google, the number of Japanese loli’s seems to have gone down. In 2001, google had 1.3 billion pages, so 1/32,128 was about Japanese lolis. Now, there’s more than 1 trillion pages, so Japanese lolis seem to be only 1/73,529.

    English figures are similar.

    Clearly, there is a loli gap.

      • Rimamashiro says:

        Is there a way to do a mass upload to the channel? Be course I got a lot of loli images and almost the most recent image database of moe.imouto and konachan on my server. I won’t mind filling the channel with loli pic’s ^^.

        • Rimamashiro says:

          Oh using a linux shell isn’t one of my problems. My gateway(Who I still have to configure) is running linux I could also run it in e.g vmware. Since I also like images that are tagged, The image’s I got have the tags in the file names. If you script could understand some kind of file list like


          Making a file like that from the pictures I would select wouldn’t be that hard. I could make it in mIRC xD.

          Anyway, I won’t mind uploading.

        • I have a mass upload script I made, but it requires a Linux shell. The main problem with it is that tagging images becomes rather imprecise (I try to keep to at least one descriptive tag, eg. “nekomimi”), which is why I’m a little restrained in its use. If you can use that, I can provide details.

          If you can’t, depending on how the images are organised you could pass me the collection and I could see about adding them with the script….

  • childdefender says:

    first of all you are all pedophiles. you may say you arent and you state you never touch kids well what do you think lolicon is. its created after child porn was banned in japan. its a way of giving pedophiles what they want. get it? they look like kids and are small compared to the men that rape them. its sick,. its legal way of getting your child porn with out going to jail. and its a cowardly thing to do. you pedophiles are sick and twisted. hiding behind art please you dont know anything about art(art major here). you get off by looking at a toon that looks physically like a child and that makes you a pedophile. get it. admit it already. lolicon equals child porn. and what about toddlercon is that acceptable too are you not sick fucks because they are toons. you are sick and no child porn is okay. junior idols are also not okay. you fucking bastards. pedophilia is nasty and you are all pedophiles.

    • Anonymous says:

      hearing any music makes you sing
      reading any insults makes you insulting
      watching any action movie makes you kill
      watching any splatter movie makes you kill bloody
      watching any porn makes you rape
      seeing any money makes you rob


    • OMG! your so right, all this time I have been using lolicon as a substitute for my desire to fornicate with little girls… your words have moved me… and have finally given me the confidence I need! No longer will I settle for just lolicon, I am going to go out and rape some kiddies right now, becuase by your own words lolicon and the actual act of doing kids is one in the same,so if I like one then it wont be any worst if I like the other. Thanks childdefender, you have turned me into a new man, a child raeping man:D