Top 10 Games to Move You to Tears


This recent survey, asking of Japanese gamers “Which games moved you to tears?”, presents some interesting results.

The resultant ranking:

1.   Final Fantasy X (PS2)
2.   Clannad (Xbox360, etc.)
3.   Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
4.   Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater (PS2)
5.   Kanon (PSP, etc.)
6.   Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
7.   AIR (PSP, etc.)
8.   Dragon Quest V (DS, etc.)
9.   Final Fantasy VII (PS, etc.)
10. Little Busters! (PC)

Via Dengeki.

The sample was mostly male, and this perhaps goes some way to explaining why 53% of those asked reported never having been moved to tears by a game. Presumably they were unmoved by film or novel either?

Personally, I was surprised to see a Metal Gear game make the cut – perhaps they were tears of joy that the story had finally ended. The presence of RPGs and visual novels is quite expected however, and it is gratifying to see a magnificent title such as Tales of the Abyss feature.

Since it perhaps would not be in the spirit of the investigation, I will spare you any evaluation of the statistical validity of the results and instead pose the questions: what do you think of these results, and which game have you found most moving?

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