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Mamoru Oshii & Production IG Make Miyamoto Musashi Film


Animation legends Production IG and Mamoru Oshii are set to produce a film rendition of the life of famed historical swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, author of the Book of Five Rings.

The title is due for release in early summer 2009, to be entitled 宮本武蔵―双剣に馳せる夢― / Miyamoto Musashi – Futaken ni Haseru Yume (Miyamoto Musashi – A Dream of Victory with Two Swords).


It is said to emphasise his various battles, as well as take a more thoughtful stance, so fans of period drama and sword action will likely have something to look forward to.

The title rather suggests he will be displaying his famous two sword technique prominently, and from the promotional image we can deduce his famous victory over another kensei, fought using only an oar, will feature. Other details are yet lacking.

Via GA.

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