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3,000,000 Hits


From 2 million to 3 million in twenty or so days, a truly gratifying result and one which looks set to continue being bettered. Thanks are, as ever, due to all those contributing to this success (that would be you).

Daily unique users are now around the 7,000 mark, and daily page views are in the region of 60,000. Daily visits are in the region of 12,000, so clearly a great many of you are kind enough to visit several times a day (as you know, Sankaku Complex never misses an update).

Sankaku Channel too is enjoying a concurrent growth in users, and the number of images there continues to increase. Please do share any interesting images you come across, as the more contributions it accumulates, the more useful it becomes.

Our feed exchange program is also starting to take off – if you would like to participate, please do get in touch.

I will keep making these one million milestone announcements until five million is reached, as it is a nice round number, at which point we’ll likely hear about these matters in a regular report or similar instead, as clearly making such announcements every week is not desirable.

In other news, all this growth has meant a server upgrade (actually a migration to some much more powerful hardware) is necessary – this should be completed within the next few days, so if you notice any service interruption or otherwise (though there shouldn’t be any), please do not be alarmed. Sankaku Channel will be unaffected, as this already runs on some powerful hardware.

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