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Teacher Mistakes Schoolgirl’s Room for Toilet


A teacher overseeing the training of a girls softball club paid a nocturnal visit to their room, where he apparently mistook it for a toilet, and there relieved himself.

The teacher, who was staying together with the high schoolers whilst they trained away from their school, apparently drank one too many cans of beer, and became not only drunk but also possessed of a full bladder.

He then entered the room of his female students, and there relieved himself, whilst muttering unintelligibly.

It’s not clear what the girls were doing whilst this transpired, but since we hear that he was mumbling nonsense, we can safely presume they witnessed him enter and evacuate his bladder.

The local board of education is yet to decide his fate; promotion perhaps.

The teacher for his part denies recollection: “I don’t remember a thing whatsoever.”

Via ZakZak.

Drunken or suspect men entering the rooms of girls does not always end so innocuously, especially where the Japanese teacher is concerned, so they might consider themselves lucky.

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