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Schoolgirls Beaten on Train: “The Adults Didn’t Help Us…”


Five schoolgirls, aged eleven and twelve, were assaulted by a drunk whilst riding a train home, and passengers in the carriage did nothing to help.

The girls, who were returning home after a trip to a nearby town, had an encounter with a man which ended with him apparently slapping three of them in the face, and hitting them with his bag.

It seems he did them no significant harm, for we hear that they were uninjured.

They issued a plaintive report of their experience: “There were one or two adults on the carriage, but they didn’t do anything to help us.”

They left the train as soon as possible, and their parents reported the incident to police.

On receiving the report, police soon investigated and tracked the assailant down. He was arrested, and turned out to be a 53-year-old unemployed man. He admitted his crimes, saying “I woz drunk an’ I ‘it ‘em”, or something to that effect.

Police are still looking into the particulars.

It is not clear whether the girls were engaged in any action which might be provocative.

Via the NHK.

The story has unleashed a storm of comments on 2ch, with a probable majority sympathising strongly with those passengers who did nothing.

They generally point out their impotence in the face of a possibly knife wielding opponent, the extreme risk of a one to one fight on a train with an unknown opponent, and the probability of being arrested for getting involved, though many are unhappy at the oppressive weight of this logic in the face of their desire to intervene.

Some also suspect the girls of having done something to arouse the man’s wrath, though this is pure conjecture.

2ch is hardly a representative sample, so let us pose the question ourselves in an equally unrepresentative venue:

You are riding home from some unspecified business. The carriage is nearly empty when a rough looking man reeking of alcohol takes offence at some real or imagined slight made by a gaggle of cheeky schoolgirls. He starts slapping the girls, and they look plaintively at the few other passengers, who are all pretending to be asleep.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s up to me to revive this(just found out about the site), so:

    I really wouldn’t laugh discreetly, and I wouldn’t pretend to sleep either, I’d just watch there not doing anything, and at best, I’d raise my eyebrow.

  • Anonymous said:
    Well there was some guy here in Germany that defended some chaps on train that were about to be robbed and took them off the train. After they got off the train both wannabe robbers stomped him to death.

    It's really sad story 😐 Someone does the right thing again and gets death penalty.

    Very interesting annon.But it's like this somebody does it inexpirienced
    and unprepared and this is what they get.

  • A mix of 4 and 5, but I voted 5 since I can’t just flee like that.

    Even if I get arrested or such, I can’t let something like that go on. Also I would hate the law and police if I ever got arrested.

  • The po-po here in Guadalajara only does something when victims are from a family that earns over $2000 a month, and besides, if I hurt a drunken bum, it will be just another dead bum to them, like nothing had happened.

    Thus, if a druken guy started slapping the girls, I would pull out that Ethernet cable I always carry in my backpack (I’m a telecomms engineering student), and strangle him until he apologizes and leaves the fucking bus. If he doesn’t and tries to turn around, I’ll fucking poke his eyes with my keys and kick him out from the bus.

    • I think you’d be surprised at what happens when you strangle someone with thin flex….

      Seriously, man, you’d be in some shit with the police. He ain’t going to be doing any apologising after 10 seconds, and he’d be fighting too hard for you to let go before then.

  • If I think I can take the guy, I won’t hesitate to intervene. If I don’t think I can take the guy, I’d call the police and if it got really serious I’ll probably still intervene in some way.

  • Anonymous says:

    That happened to me before! but it was in Korea, and it was like 7 pm… hardly the time you’d expect someone to be drunk… He just came up to me and two of my friends and trying to put his arms around our shoulders and everything… freaky… but no one helped us!! Luckily, our stop was right after so we just ran away 😛

  • Yeah to all you guys saying you kick his ass just remember he might try to sue you for attacking him also. I wouldn’t do anything but watch with a bucket of popcorn, cause we live in a world with sue happy people who sue over anything. That and I really wouldn’t care, that could go on and I wouldn’t bat a eye. Hell you can’t even help some people when they are having a heart attack cause if you break their rib they might sue for assault. We live in a messed up world and helping isn’t allowed anymore.

    • Most of the would-be-heroes are probably foreigners, too. They’d probably be arrested and sentenced to hang for simply laying their hands on a Japanese citizen.

      Foreigners are the root of all evil, right…? >_>

  • Not that much of a tough decision is it?
    It’s just a drunk guy…

    So grab the next heavy object you find, charge at him and crack his skull open. What bad can happen? You have atleast the schoolgirls to appear at witnesses for self-defence.

  • This is just an example of a bad situation for people who want to help the needy. The spreading of child molestation and bad rep Good Samaritans have over the recent months (being sued for helping someone, etc) results in things like this happening. Let’s say I’m one of those passengers who witnessed it and chose option 5 (which I did). Even if I apprehend the drunkard, I’d still get booked by the police because even though I helped those schoolgirls from harm, the fact that they ARE schoolgirls puts me in hot water for child molestation. There have been news of Good Samaritans charged with child molestation over helping kids out.

    So if I help the kids out on that situation, I’m a sex offender. And if I don’t, they get hurt or worse, dead. This stigma of adults approaching children and automatically be labeled a pedophile regardless of what the adult does even if its harmless just stinks.

  • where’s “sneak up behind the guy and strangle from behind or hold your pocket knife to throat or threaten to embed a pencil in his eye?”
    because I’d definitely go with that option.

  • I have personally taken on a ‘man’ assaulting his wife and child in public. It started as option 4 and turned into the down graded version of option 5. After pounding his head on the pavement a dozen times I finally noticed the woman had taken her child and run off. I took the opportunity to extricate my self from the scene. Would I do it again maybe but luckily I have a cell phone now so theirs less need.

  • I’d do exactly what any girl would do for me if I was accosted by a drunk on a train….sweet fuck all. My life is just as important as a woman’s and any attitude that differs is the attitude of a true pussy (if they’re male)….not to mention sexist as it implies that women need the help of men. Women have spent the last century telling us how equal they are so in this situation, I’d give them the opportunity to prove it. BTW, for info on what female ‘victims’ are capable of, google “Duke Lacrosse Case” and you’ll see that often, reports like this are not only a complete lie, they’re covering up a crime by the ‘victim’.

  • jigokushounen says:

    i would modify 5 first i would call out for him,if he doesnt stop and there’s no way i want to get stabbed so i’ll just simply beat the shit out of him it’ll be easy since he’s drunk(not trying to be a hero or anything i just simply hate those kind of guys)

  • Like hell I’d let some drunk idiot beat on girls. I’d sock him in the face no matter who it was. Since he’s already drunk, he probably wouldn’t mind me knocking him asleep anyway.

    There’s something seriously wrong with 2ch for sympathizing with those who did nothing and not the girls.

  • Lol @ at all the internet toughguys. I’ve seen enough situations where bystanders could have intervened to stop an asshole being an asshole….but they never do. Not once. I see no reason to think that any of you internet superheroes would be any different when you’re actually faced with an intimidating drunk who is already demonstrating that he’s willing to be violent.

    • Fair enough, but sometimes you have to just dive in and forget the logical fears.

      I dunno about the average otaku though. skinny pimply faced teenager might just become a weapon for the drunk to swing around and beat the lolis with.

      • If it continues to go on for more then 30 seconds, you could count on me jumping in. Especially if it was unprovoked. What I would do, I would have no idea, I like the Bouncer’s idea.

        Even in Japan…but that would probably take a minute or so of the drunk bullshitting, and then I would probably get involved in a way I could. In Japan though, it would take a lot more due to the circumstances…I would have a lot to lose if things didn’t go my way, besides getting stabbed or something of the sort, yeah there are things that would be worse off for me then a knife wound to my hand.

    • True that, many people who say they would help in such a situation likely wouldn’t in real life. I probably wouldn’t do much except call the police. I’m trained to use handguns, but that doesn’t help when guns are banned in Japan; without one, I’m pretty much defenseless. Even then, I’d be afraid to risk my life. For all I know, he could have a concealed weapon, too.

  • One word: Mace…

    Not as satisfying as savagely beating the drunkard with an Excalibolg-style nailbat, but much more legal (and easier to carry).

    Of course, simply carrying Mace or a tazer may be considered suspicious by Japanese police when you’re a tall (by Japaneses standards), heavy-built male gaijin…

  • I’d beat the shit out of him. Seriously who the fuck does he think he is, I don’t care if he was drunk, hell I wouldn’t care if I went to jail just for beating him.

    And to those who wan away, what a bunch of cowards, you can’t even call yourselves men, please die.

  • I would try to disarm and immobilize the man by holding him by the arms and throwing him in the ground and keeping him from moving at all, while asking other people to call the police.

    How can people stay passive on a situation like this.

  • A person in Japan can be threatened with prosecution even though that person is defending others from an attacker?

    Guess I’m too used to living in a country where it is acceptable to blow away a burgler who makes a move at you.

  • #5, though not exactly that way. I’ve done security/bouncing before, so dealing with drunks wouldn’t be anything new to me. There’s always the danger of the drunk being armed, but you can usually get a drunk’s mind to wander with a bit of quick talking, and you can deal with them accordingly. Wouldn’t work so well for me with my shoddy Japanese though, heh.

  • I would first do option 2 and then a mix of 4 and 5:
    If time allows it I would discretely call(mobile phone) some professional help (police, staff, etc) and then step out to distract the drunkard(s)/assailant(s) or simply win time for the professionals to arrive.
    If time is short (aggressive acting, high tension, some beating already going underway) then I would simply call for the professionals openly and with increased voice on the phone, so the drunkard(s)/assailant(s) either scram or risk getting caught on the act.

    Both ways I would not endanger myself too much (if you choose to act/help in such situations you are ALWAYS in some danger, as long as they only remember your face or similar), but have a good chance at stopping them or limit the damage.

    …in before false saint?

  • I’ll approach him and try to pursue him for further drink. “My treat” I offer him. If he accept than we will have a real ‘good’ talk behind the alley.

    If he push me away, I’ll try to pursue the girls off the train or stay away while I attract the man’s attention and try to ask for help at the next stop.

    If he lend the first punch, Jesus say let them hit your other face. So if he indeed does hit the 2nd time, I’ll do whatever necessary actions possible as not to scare the damsel.

    Whatever choices come, my most important action taken will be getting to know the girls ^^

    • That’s not what that passage means…to turn the other cheek means to set up a situation where a man must slap you with his left hand or slap you with his palm like an equal. It’s an act of defiance.

  • “The story has unleashed a storm of comments on 2ch, with a probable majority sympathizing strongly with those passengers who did nothing” that crap sounds like 2ch.

    Someone should have done something at least the “one or two adults on the carriage” could have said something. If there were two adults then they outnumbered the person and really should have done something. I might not start with number five, but I would start with number four. If that did not work then I would go with five being it is not that far away. Thenightsshadow has a point too, cannot say that I would fight the person but I would do what I could, and at least get him to focus on me and not the girls.

  • There are legitimate reasons why it’s harder and harder to be chivalrous these days:

    *our litigation-happy society. Like if you try to help someone in an accident, and having no training, you end up hurting them more. At least with professionals, they can sue the professional authority for more compensation.

    *the crooks are actually getting more clever and more dangerous, with knowledge of their rights.

    *If I was a breadwinner of a family of 6 children, I would prioritize my own safety. The security of 6 children versus that of 5 and the math is simple. There was a recent case of a father in NZ who tried to help a woman and was stabbed to death. It turns out the perpetrator was the woman’s boyfriend and they were ‘just’ having an argument that turned violent.

    *If it looks like a quarrel between lovers, I would NEVER intervene. All sense of rationality is cut loose when it’s a conflict between lovers, and there are domestic violence laws already to protect the parties (usually, the female).

    After all is said and done, my first instinct would be to help out, powerless I may be. But then I recall the news of good samaritans getting killed and I think I’d rather have a world with more samaritans alive than more a$$holes, even if it means ceasing to be good samaritans.

    • i agreed. there was once this man near my town, he died trying to act ‘heroic’. apparently there is this immigrant man trying to snatch an immigrant young woman’s handbag, and he interverned and tried to stop the guy. the criminal immigrant whipped up a knife and stabbed him. poor guy, he died to protect someone who’s probably illegal anyway, and ended up leaving a widow and a baby orphaned.

      • I’m worth more dead to my family anyways. I got 525k to go to their well-being should I die, with 20k available within 24 hours and the rest available in a week.

        Why do people so value “safety” over doing the right thing? I’ve broken up a few fights, busted a few kids for shitty pranks (not the light-hearted, non-malicious kind, but the kind that costs money and causes misery for some unlucky schmuck). I’ve even been dead-wrong in my assessment of the situation, but I’ve always done something to either atone, or fix what I did. Why do we sit and watch horrible things happen to people simply because we’re afraid of the possible outcome.

        Get some courage and gumption, people. The world wasn’t changed by people who sat silently, ignoring the problems around them and refusing to get involved. Letting your fears control you, no matter how you rationalize that fear, allows the stronger-willed, whether well or ill-intentioned, to control your life.

        Seriously, something about people with weak spirits make my heart heavy and sick with disgust.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hopefully you will be executed the next time you get it wrong and make someone’s life worse because of your foolhardy actions.

          DaFool has it 100% right: even if you’re one for heroics, you can do more for your family alive than some people who just won’t give a damn anyway dead.

  • AsakuraZero says:

    if it were a sober person it would be a harder opponent (unless he had learned the uber drunken fist) any hit on the head would leave unconscious the drunktard (you know the first to hit, hit twice) but the taser option is good to (less violent but its as good as knocking the hell out of him) and if the druntard have a knight beat the crap out of him and tell to the police that you just did it in self defence

  • If there’s no option that describes me pulling a taser, shocking the drunkard unconcious, gallantly teabagging him in front of the young damsels, taking a huge hot tortilla dump on his face, film the whole thing and later posting it on YouTube, I refuse to vote!!!

    But seriously? I’d probably want very much to do number 5, but would probably end up doing number 3. I’m a coward anyways.