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Kanokon Chizuru Crotch Pad


Kanokon’s busty shota raep artist Chizuru gets her latest 3D incarnation in the form of what is marketed as an oshiri pad – however, looking at the illustration provided it may be more accurate to call the product a crotch pad, as all oshiri pads to date have involved making the cleavage of the buttocks the wrist support area, not having the character support the user’s wrist between her legs as with this fairly novel product.

The 3D mouse pad is due to be released in December, for some ¥4,000.

As expected of children’s starter ero-anime Kanokon, the goods too push the envelope… You will also recall the previous oppad version was similarly risqué. So in fact were the various dakimakura covers

Seeing what else they can come out with should be interesting indeed.

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