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Tsunku Prefers Loli for Meganekko Group


Idol Master Tsunku, seemingly not satisfied with his recent acquisition of onetime seiyuu Aya Hirano, has expanded his collection to include a new Jpop group, which is to be comprised entirely of megane (spectacles) moe girls, six in all.

In completing the set, of 1800 supplicants he apparently opted for a malleable 11-year-old (the little one).


The token loli, a fifth year elementary schooler calling herself Chihara, has this to say for herself: “My heart was pounding, but it was good that I stuck at it until the end.”

In a particularly terrifying piece of Engrish, the group is called THE ポッシボー / The Possible.

Via Sankei.

He seems to have moved a little slowly, as meganekko are practically old hat. Perhaps next he will create a maid group? Unfortunately though, it looks as if a headphone musume group just wouldn’t work?

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