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Girl Charged Over Fatal Blog Comment


We heard previously of the schoolgirl who killed herself based on a comment, “Die!”, left on her blog. Now it appears the girl (then 15) responsible for the comment, in fact her former classmate, is facing prosecution for insulting the girl and instigating a suicide.

The details of the previous case have already been laid out, and it seems that the parents there were unable to accept that the girl bore responsibility for taking her own life, and so sought legal recourse.

It seems the girl who made the comments, which were along the lines of “Die!” (extremely common on 2ch and similar) and “If you die I’ll be at your funeral”, was unwise enough to admit to the comments, and the vengeful parents have undertaken legal action, charging that the girl instigated the suicide and defamed/insulted their daughter.

Police say “Proving the veracity of the charges will be difficult”, so it seems she may have a good chance of being acquitted (it should be stressed police themselves are not instigating the prosecution).

It is not clear if the classmate actually attended the dead girl’s funeral or not.

Via Asahi.

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