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Foot Fetish Masochist Maid Café Opens


A new variation on the now passé standrad maid café emerges in Akiba, with this one offering the opportunity for masochistic foot fetishists to be trampled underfoot by schoolgirls, or rather, “massaged” by them.

These girls are called 踏みっ娘 / fumikko, trampling girls, and their establishment is known as 踏みっ娘学園 / Fumikko Gakuen, or Fumikko Academy. I think you see what we have here.


They have some dubious claims on their site to the effect that they offer a healthy massage service in the millennia old Chinese tradition, but I don’t think too many are fooled by this.

It looks as if the cheaper services they offer come to about ¥6,000 an hour, which if we compare it to the full service offered by a freelance professional is not too great a deal (according to the chirashi these generally come to ¥10,000).

It seems regular working girls get by the far the better deal though, as the fumikko get a less than generous ¥1000 hourly wage. Rents must be high?

The usual suspects have already visited the café:


Lately we’ve had miko and Code Geass; might we have a Strike Witches cafe next? With fumikko around it doesn’t seem a stretch anymore…

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