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Hyakko Quality Nosedive?


Fans voiced opinions of comedy anime ヒャッコ / Hyakko which ranged from unenthusiastic to harshly critical, with the second episode now drawing fire for an apparent nosedive in the quality of the animation, as well as the scathing evaluation of “原作レイプ”, or raep of the original source manga.


The second episode apparently manages to make use of a mere 15 pages of the original, possibly a sign that pacing the short original out into a full anime was not done well.


The good source.

Whilst we can discount the ravings of a few fans on their own, ratings for the first episode were a mere 1%, so perhaps this title truly is deficient?

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  • Hyakko is one of the few anime in history that makes my jaw drop… out of the astonishing general non-quality in it (i’m not talking about the animation). amongst the other ones is Musashi Gun-Doh. i’m simply out of word for it.

  • I don’t believe the title is “deficient,” but I doubt it will find a big audience. This is neither a kids’ show nor an otaku show. The humor is too odd, and there’s not much moe.

    So far, I myself find the show quite funny. Like Lucky Star, it’s not laugh-out-loud funny, but funny in your bones. I remember the howls against Lucky Star when it first came out, so we’ll see how fans respond as time goes on.

    I didn’t notice any particular animation quality drop, myself. The animation was nothing special to begin with, but the drawing is stylish and interesting.

  • I find this anime quite entertaining…I hope alot more people will watch it…It’s kinda like new gen of Azumanga Daioh. Not that many anime that could make me giggle like a school girl these days.