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Berserk Resumes After Hiatus


Seminal dark fantasy manga Berserk is set to resume regular serialisation in Young Animal after a long break. Fans are delighted (myself included – I’ve read the whole thing four times), and hopefully we can finally see what happens with regard to Casca…

The issue in question, Young Animal 21, will go on sale on the 24th, at the same time as the 33rd volume of the manga.

Young Animal will also carry a commemorative cover by Hachimitsu to Clover mangaka 羽海野チカ / Chika Umino to mark the occasion.

Via Muhyoujou.

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  • I think half the people here are retarded if they think his earlier work was better than the newer stuff.

    the point of good art is not having a ton of detail, but rather to create the illusion of illustrious detail while using the least possible amount of actual lines, there is also over all balance, foreshortening, proportion, movement, and over all flow of the manga to consider.

    anybody can spend hours just shoving in more and more detail, but it takes a genius to take a detailed picture, and have it properly balanced as well.

    the last 100 chapters or so, in my opinion have been some of the most amazing art I’ve seen in manga. (allthough I still say gunnm is superior, everybody is welcome to there own opinion, whether I understand them or not.)

    • Anonymous says:


      It’s hard to argue which is superior, gunm or berserk, really. I love both series and I think they’re like different steaks. Both are fucking awesome and I’m not sure which is superior.

      you’re spot on as to how it takes a master to control details.

      judging miura’s art as if it’s some texture work of a faggot bro game like halo is just retardation at its lowest.

  • Ehhh…i read the last volume and it had so crappy art…designs have mellowed, linework is sloppy, detail is simply not there…he should just finish it already, its obvious he’s not enjoying writing it anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      @karry: what an arrogant fool. designs have mellowed? which? detail is simply not there? are you one of those spawn/mcfarlane tools that expect everything to have ridges and rivets or rotting meat on it? miura’s a master of subtlety and control despite berserk’s intense content.

      understanding of descriptive words doesn’t mean understanding of a piece of art.

      berserk is one of those stories that actually builds up for a damned good reason, if anything, lately miura is pouring and building up for another big moment. he’s enjoying it, you’re not.

    • Which issue have you seen? last volume was some of is best work an he his gotten way better then his usual work but any how finally griffin arc which he dreams for is coming to a close and possible see casca get herself back to normal. then the new age arc starts.

      • Last volume is crap. He reached the peak in the insect arc, and then it goes down artistically ever since. The most detailed thing in the last volume is the giant emperor, and you gotta admit it has a pretty simplystic texture.

        • KARRY dont act so fucking cocky that you can deam some of Kentaro’s work “crap”. You obviously dont have any drawing skill becuase otherwise you would have much more respect for the man, so I will let you in on something, making comics isnt easy, doing it the way Kentaro does is almost masochistic, every frame has huge amount of detail that people dont take into account, rea-read the volume and appreciate.