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Seiyuu Yurika Ochiai Bloodied In Car Crash


Troubled seiyuu 落合祐里香 / Yurika Ochiai, or Yurishii, has been involved in a car accident which “left her face a mass of blood”, and was hospitalised. Her life may not be in danger, but she appears to be suffering quite severe after-effects from her injuries.

She first admits to the accident on her blog on the seventh: “I was involved in a traffic accident which left my face a mass of blood, and I had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.”

Her first indirect mention of the accident, on the third: “Today, I almost took a trip to heaven.” After this her blog updates became regular once more, and she was thought to only be lightly injured, but five days later she admitted “I was re-examined at the hospital and found to have injured my neck.”

Then the next day she reported “I feel nauseous, keep vomiting… looks like I hit my head – too much time’s passed.”

She complains of work interfering with her going to a different hospital, so it sounds as if recuperating is not her first priority. Since it is possible for such after effects to persist long after the original accident, or even lead to permanent conditions, fans are concerned for her to receive proper treatment.

It seems at least her face survived unscathed, as the only evidence of her brush with death and bloodied face is a scab on her lip, which has aroused suspicions that the idol, known to be an enthusiastic Photoshopee, has covered up any problems. She had a live performance a few days after the accident however, so this seems unlikely.


It should also be said that the accident passes without direct mention for days of normal updates on her blog, and she does not reveal any details about the nature of the accident itself.

Speculation aside, still fresh from her appearances in Hyakko along with a fellow troubled idol, it seems her luck has taken another turn for the worse.

She is already known for her coloured career, which from a tender age has seen her photographed as much out of her clothes as in, and is generally thought to be uncommonly unlucky, so it seems this reputation is due to deepen.

Via ManiaxZ.

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