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Man Invades Toilets to Check Schoolgirl Pregnancy


An 80-year-old man who groped a middle schooler in a public toilet to “see if she was pregnant” has been arrested, we hear.

The old man took it upon himself to inspect the girl, a 15-year-old student at a local middle school, at a park public toilet; he apparently touched the lower half of her body whilst saying “Why, aren’t you pregnant?”

He has been charged with indecent assault. The girl apparently was not pregnant.

The report passes over his apparent presence in a ladies toilet without comment, and also we do not hear whether the girl in question was notably plump or not, not that this could be taken as excusing such acts.

Via the Shimotsuke Shimbun.

Rather reminiscent of the prior incident with the lolicon toilet invader, as well as the crossdressing ladies toilet frequenter (for the curious excuse given). In fact, what is it about toilets which drives people to these kind of extremes?

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