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Pigtailed Bloomer Man Accosts Schoolgirls


In two separate incidents a man wearing bloomers (the Japanese gym uniform, not the tasteful ladies underwear) accosted schoolgirls, imploring them to try wearing bloomers.

In the first incident, the bloomer evangelist, wearing bloomers, approached a schoolgirl and asked her “Won’t you try wearing bloomers?”

In the second incident a month prior, a man, also wearing PE kit and bloomers with his hair tied into pigtails, loitered for an hour, asking passing schoolgirls “Do my bloomers suit me? Have you ever worn bloomers?”

The man in the first incident looked to be in his forties, being of medium build and about 170cm tall, and wore a yellow headband and white PE kit, including bloomers.

The second man was said to be about 160cm, in his twenties or thirties, and a little fat. His bloomers were black.

It is not clear if the man in the two incidents is the same one, though as both occurred in the same area it might be reasonable to discount the differences in description as witness errors.

We do not hear of police taking any action, and it is not clear if the man (or, frighteningly, men) actually committed any crime…

Via Kawaguchi city’s suspicious person reports.

A similar modus operandi to the pantsu exchange man?

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