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ToraDora Ultimate Tsundere Anime?


Tsundere knee socks anime とらドラ! / ToraDora! may have had a lacklustre start with respect to ratings, getting only 1.5%, but critics found little to fault it on, and as we saw, many of you are keen to keep watching (98% of you in fact).

The second episode looks set to ensure many continue viewing, as it cements the title’s credentials as an anime of the first rate.

With this in mind I think I can go so far as to add my own vote of confidence in the title; the second episode really picked up the pace and engaged me, unexpected considering I’m not even a fan of the genre.


The full opening is possibly the best of the season, combining stylish visuals with some intereting electronic music. Nice to see the usual tired dance routines eschewed as well.


Seiyuu work in this episode really starts to stand out.


No service of any kind; presumably there will at some point be an onsen episode?


There’s not much I can find to fault the anime on (apart from that parrot thing); I might suggest even those not particularly fond of tsundere give it a try, as they may be pleasantly surprised. Others will want to watch the next episode at their earliest convenience.


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  • This definitely looks like something worthwhile to observe. Very cute characters. I like when they do opening sequences with the pictures and the characters’ names, because I forget names easily and hate to go consult a wiki every time I am trying to place a name to a memory.

  • When it comes to tsundere, it is going to take quite a lot of work for something to replace what I view as the ultimate tsundere which would be Shana.

    Putting that aside though, ToraDora is certainly quite nice. Nice to see this season has so much to offer me.

  • Well, that’s because it’s “Sankaku Complex,” Artefact.

    Let’s go by the numbers: Assume that a title needs to sell well over 10,000 DVDs in order to brag about popularity. 4.0% is what the most popular “late night animu” can get; a title like Code Geass or CLANNAD.

    Divide 10,000 by 4%, and you have 250,000; that 240,000 viewers with no-to-negative views on a show. And remember that Japan is home to roughly 150 million people.

    1.5% ratings of viewership is still a large enough number if you want a party to help beat someone down. And it’s still a lot more complicated than this. But it’s still not a large enough number when you compare the show with another show that caters to the non-otaku-tachi more than the pro-otaku-tachi.

    And also; you have to pardom me for being in that 2% voting box. ToraDora is NOT Pantsu Witches where a guy gets treated like a human being and not a punching bag for people to laugh at.

    • I think that is just a feature of tsundere as a genre; personally I do not like it. The female characters behave unbelievably irrationally, and the male characters are spineless whelps.

      I recall making an effort to read the Tsukaima light novel, but I could not sympathise at all with the protagonist in his allowing himself to be victimised by Louise… I recall thinking how the tables would have been turned had I been in his shoes – Louise would’ve been the one on the leash, but I digress.

      I wonder what it is about these absolutely worthless tsundere male protagonists which appeals so strongly? Is it just the Japanese men who can sympathise with them (why?), or does the international audience also like them?

      Still, I think ToraDora is a quality product, even if the genre is obnoxious at times.

      • Eh, thinking how things would be different had the protagonist actually had any common sense, or wasn’t totally ignorant of everything is pretty pointless, no matter what the genre is..

        I myself find the Tsundere type appealing (both 2D and 3D), like some people find shy, outgoing or whatever types attracting. While the genre often takes it to a higher degree I’d be willing to put up with (Yelling, light punching and other such acts only make the times she’s acting cute even cuter, but I don’t think I’d stick around a girl who keeps kneekicking me in the groin for no apparent reason), it’s acceptable since stuff like that is often exaggarated to make it more interesting.
        That also exlpains why the cast acts so irrationally; it usually is what the humour of the genre is based on. If Saito from Zero no Tsukaima didn’t lust after every female with breasts or no breasts alike, and Louise didn’t jump to conclusions whenever she saw him with another female, nothing much would happen that would qualify it as tsundere.

        Or maybe the viewers secretly wish to be in an SM relationship with a dominant woman. lol I dunno.

      • >>>I recall thinking how the tables would have been turned had I been in his shoes – Louise would’ve been the one on the leash, but I digress.

        What really should happen is that “equal knocks” should be given between men and women. If women are going to smack women around then the men should smack women around.

        All this talk about “gender equality.” Feamle basketball teams (Shut Up, Don Imus), congresswomen, a German prime minister, and (almost) a (vice) presidential nominee. Female soldiers and terrorist groups. Female rock bands!

        Ask any of them and they’ll tell you that they wouldn’t smack up a guy who doesn’t deserve it.

        You’d think we expect the same… Oh never mind.

        A guy defending himself and physically retaliating against a tsundere, in a tsundere-themed franchise, probably would never be popular. Not as long as the otaku run and support the industry. -_-;

  • >>> There’s not much I can find to fault the anime on (apart from that parrot thing)

    What’s wrong with the parrot? I’m certain 78.2% of all animes would be more entertaining with a retarded animal.