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Bishoujo Game Witches On DS & PS2


As we heard, several games based on recently concluded loli pantsu anime Strike Witches are due, one for the DS and the other for the PS2. Further details rule out the possibility of an interesting shooting game; the PS2 version looks to be a standard adventure game, whilst the DS is said to be simulation game. Both are due in the spring.

The company responsible for both, Russell, only has a long string of non-descript eroge, anime spinoff ADV games and localised PC games to their name, so there appears to be no possibility of games as such, only visual novels.


Given the liberties they have at times taken to fit the standard ADV game patterns (witness their Zero no Tsukaima game which takes place in a school setting complete with uniforms), nobody seems that enthusiatic about their efforts.


The only question which really remains is whether they will parachute in a male character to molester the witches, or whether it will be yuri themed.

On the one hand, those hoping for a shooting game will have to content themselves with the doujin versions, the most recent of which you can download here, but on the other hand, for the DS version at least, a witch fondling game is not without precedent. At times these can get interesting.

The source is the latest Comptiq.


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