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All Night Gaming Kills


A boy (15), who spent all night gaming at a net café, suddenly keeled over dead in the early morning.

The boy apparently went to the café with his friend (17) at 8pm, where they spent an hour gaming and then went out for supper, returning at 10.

However, at 2am he was found face down at the computer, apparently sleeping. After two hours of this, the manager of the shop became worried and took the unconscious boy to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The café operator was found to be unlicensed, claiming ignorance of the need for one in the newly established venue, though this does not seem to be connected the boy’s demise.

It is important for the parents however: they explain that “up till now our boy never played games into the night like this, and he was mostly healthy and free of illness”. They also explain that they plan to sue the café…

Via Searchina.

Nobody seems concerned to relate his cause of death, and worst of all we do not hear which game killed him. Wags have been suggesting he was PKed…

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