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New Type Moon Anime Announced: 428


The latest work of Type Moon, the famous producers of such acclaimed visual novels as Fate/stay Night and Tsuki Hime, has not even been released yet, and is not even a full visual novel, but we find an anime adaptation has already been decided.

The work in question is a visual novel addition, or “bonus scenario”, included with 428〜封鎖された渋谷で〜 / 428 – Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de – (428 – In Blockaded Shibuya).

428 is a Sega/Chunsoft developed suspense “sound novel” for the Wii due early in December, similar to a visual novel but with photos instead of 2D illustrations, and Type Moon are responsible only for the extra scenario.

It’s not clear whether the anime title will carry the same title as the visual novel scenario, or whether it will be an OVA or TV series.

Even the names of the Type Moon characters are still under wraps, but fans will certainly be anticipating the new anime and visual novel from now on, so hopefully more details will be forthcoming soon.

They look to be very stylish petanko characters, as it happens:


Source is an early NewType:


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