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Illustrator Legends


One of the more interesting genres of video on Nico are the various videos of CG artists at work, and there are indeed quite a few of these. Here you can see some of the best, surely of great interest to CG art fans and artists alike.

The subjects for these illustrations are Hatsune Miku, Nagato Yuki and a headphone musume, so likely nobody will be disappointed (although unfortunately no ero-CG videos are possible on Nico).

The artists in question also seem to exhibit excellent taste in music… You can find links to the relevant songs on the Nico pages (although plenty look to have been deleted – isn’t Nico wonderful?). The amazing Miku Lodoss song is here.

The software used is predominantly SAI, and some Photoshop. If you happen to find the originals, please share them and I’ll add them to the article, as unfortunately these artists aren’t very good with uploading the final images to permanent hosting at times.

Player 1

Nico. Hatsune Miku.

Player 2

Nico. Hatsune Miku Plus Alpha (naked).

Player 3

Nico. Nagato.

Player 4

Nico. This is by famous eroge CG artist Ino – read more about him and see his art in the previous article.

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