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5 Middle Schoolers Gang Raep Schoolgirl


A group of five middle school friends lured a girl to one of their homes, and there had their way with her. They were “curious” about the matter, they admit.

The boys, classmates aged 14 and 15, apparently lured the girl, another middle schooler, to one of their houses and there committed their infamy.

The crime apparently came to light when the girl bravely reported the incident to the school a few days after it occurred. Police were soon informed, and made arrests.

Unsurprisingly, the boys are said not to be in attendance at the school at present.

They admit the crime, and say they did it out of “sexual curiousity”.

The local school board is offering its apologies, saying “There is absolutely no excuse for this”, though since the event occurred out of school it would appear for once the teachers are in the clear.

Via Sankei.

Another case of life imitating eroge, or in this case, ero-manga. At least no actual ero-manga was implicated. Of course, other events demonstrate such props are hardly required…

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  • well you know I think video games and porn ect. are actually a way of taking out anger and or sexual tension in a non harmful way. Although for me this is the case… I don’t know about others… I mean if I didn’t have a computer I would have rebelled against my parents when I was 15… I would probably be on the street. SO ty for digital technology to help me disappear from the reality of god and religion at home, and the godless/satanic heathens in the ‘world’

  • Well, either that or it WAS consensual, but then one of them began talking about it to others (or the girl was afraid someone would), so she got embarrassed and decided that claiming rape was a LOT less dishonourable.

  • Christopher says:

    Okay, first of all: this wouldn’t be a problem if we allowed children to have sex and didn’t act like sex is ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ for children.

    They could have ALL THE SEX THEY WANT if we told them it was normal and good, as well as that they should NOT expect to be monogamous with someone, and wouldn’t have any need to rape people anymore.

    I swear…. rape is only still around because of the stupidity we are teaching people today.

  • Question Mark says:

    i think a good beating is in order here and no i dont mean from mommy and daddy, what i’m think is that everyone who finds this repulsive should have a good hearty punch on each of these fellows. Sexual Curiosity? Why dont u rape each other since ur all in on it? god if this happened to someone i knew i would come bak with a sickle and massive vengence

  • Ya, we need to face realitity. Violence, sexuality and such are becoming a bigger thing in our generation. The war on Iraq, as shown in the news here is pretty graphic, car bombings an people killed by gunfire. Also sexuallity is becmming soemthing more important for our generation and curiosity is getting the better of us, with same sex experiences and the like.

    ether grow and deal with it or suck it and hold onto your outdated values in your closed of world.

  • I don’t think that imagining the first comment with Biff’s voice is that weird, kinda fits with the shown IQ level and ignorance of the poster.

    And, yes, it is a good thing that no implications were made to manga, anime, or erogames, yet. We get enough crap as it is.

  • It´s easy, since you are in the main page (or feed) you can read the headline of the news. “5 Middle Schoolers Gang Raep Schoolgirl”, you already know what is all about (unless you are a retard), so just don´t read if realy bothers you. I really don´t care, I read because I like to know how is the oriental mind and culture. I live in Brasil and here a guy who killed in cold blood didn´t go to jail yesterday, decision of the court.

    Sorry about my bad english.

  • I’ll be the black sheep and defend the closing comments to this article.

    In this current world climate, any and every crime are likely attributed to Grand Theft Auto, MMO’s or otaku culture. I’m actually surprised the media has not tried to make a scape-goat out of some piece of popular culture.

    So yes, it is fortunate that no ero-manga was implicated and that the authorities have are prudent enough to investigate as to the true cause of the event; instead of just raiding their games and ero collection (assuming they have any) and calling it case closed.

  • Why do you need to be elitist to voice disgust for this type of news? While it is news and hard to stomach, what is disgusting is the lighthearted response. “At least no ero-mango was implicated”? A real life attack on a person can at least deserves a real life response from people.

    • ^ totally agree with you. First it was funny, but in all real life incidents? Errrh.

      Nobody wants to hear “phew, no Higurashi manga in his closet” response after a guy killed your family, right?

        • Thanks for posting these stories Artefact! You share with us the stories most websites wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole. This helps add elements of reality the much romanticized Japan most people know and love. No country, no place is without it’s problems.

        • One thing I know is it that is not possible to please everyone all the time. This site is intended to please a large audience, but it would be futile to try to please everyone.

          The story is presented in the context of the site, and as you know we see a lot of bizarre, extreme and mature topics broached. Many of these stories involve humourous or unsympathetic treatment of events which are devastating to those involved, just like so many mass media concerns do.

          A balance is aimed for, and I think generally these articles are fairly sympathetic. But on the other hand, rape and killing are as old as humanity, and there is nothing particularly special about this case…

          Nobody’s mentioned this, but I should also say these stories are in no way intended as a reflection of Japan being “strange”; I could probably gather even more extreme and numerous stories from just about any other country, but this is of course not part of the context of the site.

        • IMO, it isn’t unusual at all for someone to not find this humorous. For some people, it’s not because they’re crazy and uptight, it’s because rape is a very serious and sensitive subject to them. Even if you didn’t mean to upset anyone, making light of the situation in the closing comments and the use of the word “raep” can be interpreted as very offensive.

          I apologize in advance if some of that seemed like rambling. It’s 2 AM over here and I really need some sleep about now.

  • They should seriously condemn those Fucktards to social work, helping out in hospitals or whatever to get socialized and learn the value of human live. what if that happened to their own sister? or themselves to be fucked in their damn little asses by a Shoto-Kun? Confront them with it