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Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Extreme Panchira: 82 Shots


Newly airing pantsu anime Rosario + Vampire Capu2 may have suffered at the hands of censors, but this did not stop it from easily seizing the lead in the panchira stakes for his season.

Observant fans have counted the shots, and the top figure emerging is no less than 82 shots, which means a flash of underwear is displayed on average once every 18 seconds or so.


It looks as if the only competitor to this of late is the recently concluded Strike Witches, which manages near continuous pantsu-like thing exposure… Some may not be inclined to consider these true panchira as a result though, providing an interesting conundrum.

Regarding the censorship, it seems flying a bat on top of 82 shots is too much even for Japan’s at times excessively rigourous hiders of corrupting underwear, so many, if not most, go uncensored.

The gall of censoring part of a work, and then apparently giving up and leaving the rest, is not something many take lightly. Couldn’t they have just left the whole thing alone in that case?


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