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Man Busted for Deleting Friend’s Top Level Character


A man, who deleted his friend’s three and a half year old max level MMORPG character, is being prosecuted for cyber-crimes.

The man (21) was found to have filched his friend’s (20) character with the intent of using it himself, but then deleted it. They were apparently “friends” both in RL and on the server.

He seems to have obtained access to the account simply by using the username and password, though how he obtained these is not clear.

The man whose character was deleted had laboured for three and a half years levelling the character, and was on the verge of maxing it out, so it is unsurprising that when he learnt his pride and joy had been mysteriously deleted he demanded the prefectural police cyber-crimes department search for the culprit.

Perhaps surprisingly, the police complied and soon action was being taken against the perpetrator, though he was prosecuted for unauthorised access rather than criminal damage or theft.

The culprit apparently did it out of revenge for some trivial slight, admitting “I wanted his character”.

The game in question is not specified, though whichever it might be, such a high level character is likely expensive and hard to replace, so perhaps it is not so hard to see the extent of his loss.

Via Itainews.

They would probably have done better to settle their differences with some PK, as mixing online and offline can be dangerous.

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